[Project 5] PIBBLE Airdrop tokens started to be Distributed to Allbit Registrants!

Many people have already participated in our Allbit Registration event (note: for Korean information please check https://blog.naver.com/pibbleio . However, I wanted to give an update for our non-Korean speaking participants.

From the opening of the event until 9am today KST 2/11/2019 we had a lot of people register already. In this list, you can check if your PIB has been distributed to your account or not. This list will be updated daily as the contest continues, so check back if you don’t see your account on here.

How to check?

  1. Login to ALLBIT and check your PIBBLE wallet to see if the tokens were dispersed.

Already registered but you haven’t submitted your Wallet, please use the following link:


If you have yet to receive it in your PIB wallet on Allbit, you can use

https://etherscan.io/ to check if the tokens were already distributed.

1. Go to etherscan.io

2. Enter your Allbit PIBBLE Wallet address in the top search bar

3. Click ERC20 TokenTxns.

4. There you can see if both IN and OUT are shown, the transfer has been completed. If only IN is shown, please contact check with Allbit at help@allbit.com or contact @bryanhigh in the telegram room.

If you are still having some issues, please use this telegram link to directly message me:



We still have four ongoing events!

(Check here for a more detailed explanation: https://medium.com/pibbleio/project-5-ongoing-airdrop-events-get-free-pib-tokens-8d77014fa8e9)

1. Vote for PIBBLE and receive 200% Airdrop

2. Register for a PIBBLE wallet on Allbit and receive 2,000 PIB

3. 2,000 bonus PIB for your first transaction of the day. If you do more than 10 transactions over the event, receive a 200% bonus!

4. Referral event: Refer a friend to PIBBLE and receive additional bonuses!

**Note: the airdrop tokens from events 1,2,4 will be distributed upon completion of the event**