How to swap ERC/KCT-PIB

Aug 9 · 2 min read

​since Pibble has simultaneously supported ERC-PIB based Etherium and KCT-PIB based Klaytn, we’ve been asked some questions about this.

There are currently 4 exchanges which Pibble is listed on.

Hanbitco/Allbit/CPdax -> ERC-PIB


​It should be noted that to deposit/withdraw directly is impossible between ‘ERC-PIB exchange’ and ‘KCT-PIB exchange’.

For example, if you deposit ERC-PIB from CPdax to Coinone, it doesn’t work. In this case, we’re not responsible for this situation.

Please make sure to swap your tokens through Pibble wallet in the app.

① If you want to move ERC-PIB from Privacy wallet/3 exchanges at the top of this to Coinone,

② If you want to move KCT-PIB from Coinone to others,

①②->please make sure to move the tokens to Pibble wallet in the app.

<How to swap>

  1. Press the wallet icon at the top of app. Then, click the letter ‘wallet’

2.Click the not ‘change’ but ‘send’

3.Write the amount of token you want to move.

4.Choose the wallet address or QR code.

(at that time, in Coinone case, you need to make new wallet address of Klaytn mode.)

5.After check exactly whether the exchange(you try to deposit) support ERC or KCT, please pick the right one.

If you send your tokens to Coinone, pick KCT-PIB.

or if you send it to others, pick ERC-PIB.

​If you choose the wrong chain and your tokens disappear, we’re not responsible for it.

Thank you.


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