Support Guide for Pibble Conversion to Pibble Klaytn Mainnet

Bryan High
Jul 10, 2019 · 2 min read

As you probably saw in our previous post, Pibble is happy to announce our migration over to the Klaytn Mainnet. If not, you can check the link below to read about Pibble joining Klaytn.

If you want to know about the token swap process, please read the following information.

1. Exchange (Swap) Background Information

As Pibble switches from Ethereum (ERC-20) based token to Klaytn Mainnet, current ERC-20 PIB tokens can be swapped for Klaytn-based PIB tokens, which will be KCT-PIB tokens.

2. Glossory of Terms & Exchange Rate

ERC-PIB: Tokens issued on the Ethereum network will be referred to as ERC-PIB

KCT-PIB: PIB tokens based on the Klaytn network that are compatible with the ERC-20 tokens.

Exchange Rate: ERC-PIB and KCT-PIB can be exchanged at a 1:1 ratio as both are considered PIB tokens.

3. Swap Method and Schedule

Coinone Exchange

On July 16th, Coinone exchange( has opened for deposit of ERC-PIB to the exchange and will facilitate the swap of ERC-PIB to KCT-PIB.

The swap will be carried out in the exchange and the swap date will be announced publically by both Pibble and Coinone at a later date.

Following the swap, ERC-PIB deposit will be restricted and only KCT-PIB will be able to be deposited. After the swap occurs, please only deposit KCT-PIB or use the Pibble app wallet to exchange your ERC-PIB to KCT-PIB.

Pibble App wallet

Any Pibble stored within the Pibble app wallet can be exchanged from ERC-PIB to KCT-PIB at the user’s choice. The Pibble wallet will allow users to swap freely between the two PIB versions. However, the swap method and schedule will be announced at a later date in July in conjunction with the Coinone swap announcement. At that time, exchange between the two coin mainnets will be possible.

4. Exchange Guide

CPDAX, Hanbitco, Allbit: Deposit blocked, Trade & Withdraw available

Kryptono: Deposit & Trade stopped, Withdraw available for 3 months





5. Precautions

1. In mid-July, deposit of PIB will be closed (withdraw will remain open) on exchanges that do not support PIB Klaytn tokens. This will occur when Klaytn supporting exchange is added. Out of our currently listed exchanges, when KCT-PIB tokens are supported, exchange to KCT-PIB will be activated and this will be announced at a later date.

2. Exchanges that support KCT among existing listed exchanges can be exchanged for KCT-PIB in accordance with the schedule, and will be announced on schedule.

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