What is PIBBLE Platform? (part 1)

Bryan High
Feb 20, 2019 · 5 min read
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What exactly is PIBBLE?

I know I have had a lot of questions about that. We aren’t just another crypto company with nothing behind it. 2018? All development. 2019? Growth and launch! Even if you only know us from PIB cryptocurrency, let’s take some time to introduce you to our platform.

Now is your chance for a peek behind the curtain so that you can see what our development team has been hard at work developing.

Reduced to it’s most basic level, PIBBLE is a platform similar to Instagram but with a completely different focus and added functionality.

While Instagram’s main focus is data and selling advertising, PIBBLE platform is more focused on you, our potential content creators.

We have developed a platform that directly rewards you from your contributions and participation. You can earn PIB through actively particpiating on our platform, just doing what you already do on other Social Media. Upvoting, posting contents, engaging with others all have ways to return value directly to you.

People like the pictures of your Grandmother’s delicious Apple pie? The more engagement and upvoting you receieve, the more PIB you will get.

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Delicious Apple pie!

Did you make an amazing drawing of your best-friends cat? Guess what, that also could earn you PIBBLE on the platform.

Not representative of the Quality of art on PIBBLE. That’s my drawing

But, how does PIBBLE reward me for what I am doing on other Social Networking Services? We have a great example of how blockchain and cryptocurrency has been used on the platform Steemit.

Similar to Steemit, the PIBBLE ecosystem revolves around being rewarded for uploading your own content. People use PIB and Pibble brush (to be explained later) to reward you for your contents.

More attention and engagement, the more you can be rewarded.

​So in the most simple terms, PIBBLE is a Social Platform using blockchain technology to share your own contents, engage in ecommerce and do much more. Sure, that may sound like many other technology companies trying to become the next facebook or instagram.

But let’s take a deep-dive into what the PIBBLE platform will enable you to do, and more importantly, reward you for what you do.

Engage with others, be rewarded!

Curate contents, be rewarded!

Participate in P2P commerce, be rewarded!

Do Crypto-based crowdfunding, be rewarded!

Part 1: Engage with others, be rewarded.

So you have joined PIBBLE platform and you don’t know what to do first. Probably the easiest way to engage in our platform is by uploading your own contents, whether it is a picture of your latest trip to Thailand or the next viral video hit.

As you already know from other social media, you can spend your days upvoting, liking, hearting, commenting, and favoriting everything you come across. We have a similiar system for PIBBLE users but it uses a little bit different system.

​On PIBBLE, you can actually get rewards through these activities. On our platform we use both PIBBLE coin (PIB) and PIBBLE Brush to reward our users. (Pibble brush?! I will explain that in detail later.)

All your activities on the platform have rewards.

On most other social networking platforms, you might just get a warm feeling for each of your upvotes, the feeling of being loved or in the spotlight (hey, don’t we all want to fill loved.) With PIBBLE, you can get tangible rewards from engaging on our platform.

What tangible rewards? Well, money to be direct.

​While it is great to see 1000 likes on your latest photo, it is better to see some money in your wallet.

Instagram can’t make your wallet heavy. Pibble can.

On our platform, you can take the social value of engagement and interest in what you do, and get cryptocurrency rewards for your engaging posts.

Are you a content creator tired of getting paid in exposure? Well, the PIBBLE platform easily enables you to get paid through your contents.

Photographers, fashionistas, foodies, makeup artists, animal enthusiasts and anything else can all automatically monetize their contents on PIBBLE.

Let’s change the SNS market to provide actual benefits to the people creating content and engaging in the community, instead of just to the company itself!

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Part 2: Curate contents, be rewarded.

​Do you have an eye for great contents? Maybe, you are an expert on vintage skateboards or have your pulse on the newest food trends. On PIBBLE, you can curate a collection of other user’s photos.

Through curating a collection of other user’s photos both you and the original creator can be rewarded. Even if you aren’t a great content creator, being able to curate contents can help expand our community, so it has value. We want to reward you for the value that you help create.

Let’s go back to that foodie example to explain. On all social media, there are millions of photos of people’s meals. Do you think you can find the most delicious looking foods or new food trends that people need to know about? Well, create an album of other user’s appetizing food pictures and start sharing it.

Your album suddenly becomes famous.

Everyone on PIBBLE is waiting for you to let them know the newest food trends. You are throwing out suggestions on foods people haven’t even heard of yet. Charcoal-infused cupcakes? Someone else snapped a photo of it but you introduced that delicious dessert to so many PIBBLE users. Obviously, curation is valuable so why not reward it?

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Charcoal cupcakes? Not sure my opinion on that.

​With PIBBLE, your curated food trend album will be rewarded. But you don’t keep all the reward just for you. The engagement of your followers helped but we have to reward the original photographer. So, the reward for the likes you generated will be split between you and the original content creator. Everyone is happy. You got some PIB, they got some PIB.

Post, upvote, curate, engage. All of it has rewards on PIBBLE.

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Part 2 is up and ready for your viewing. I suggest you keep going, what better do you have to do?

As always, follow us on our other social media:

Homepage: https://www.pibble.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/pibbleio_eng

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pibbleio/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pibbleio

Need to ask a question? Contact me directly on Telegram



Blockchain Based, Monetized Image Ecosystem

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