Introducing Pica Pica’s Data Stuffer

One of the things that always annoyed me about API’s is to add test data to work with. I remember the days all too well where I had to name records “asdasdasd”, “testasdasd” and “asdasdasd123” to just get some records filled into the database.

If that wasn’t awful enough, it was usually to little amount of data to actually work with as well. For example I added perhaps 15 records, enough to test any pagination tool I created on the front end, only to find out in a staging environment that there was a bug that happened after 10 pages.

These sort of bugs aren’t serious, but they are embarrassing and time consuming as you want to get your project finished on time. So one of the main features I wanted to implement in Pica Pica was to take away this burden of being a “data entry clerk” as a colleague of mine referred it to once.

So last week I introduced the data stuffer into Pica Pica. Now you can fill your API with up to a 1000 records of randomized data. From the standard lorem ipsum to addresses, bitcoin wallets and images, you can select anything you want to fill your API with.

Pica Pica showing the data stuffer in the desktop tool.

And, as an added bonus you can also select a specific locality to use for your data. So if you, instead of English, would like to have your data in German, Dutch or any other language, you can simply do so.

And that’s it, you can now remove your “data entry clerk” title forever, and just enjoy the fact you can fill your DB up with random data. Developing an application without having to deal with every single aspect from the start really makes it easier to get going, and to plan your time accordingly.

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