PicarioXPO iPad app available in Apple App Store!

We are proud to announce that we just released a PicarioXPO app for iPad users in the Apple App Store. PicarioXPO users with a SMB or Enterprise version can download the app for free in the Apple App Store using the link below or by searching for ‘XPO’ in the app store on your iPad itself.

The PicarioXPO iPad app lets users sync the designs files from their PicarioXPO account to their iPad. When an account is synced it can be used offline. You can search your designs using keywords or labels just as easy as on the website itself. The PicarioXPO iPad app is developed for users like sales employees, who want to have the designs stored on their PicarioXPO with them when to hit the road and when there isn’t a working Internet connection available.

Download the APP: XPO Offline on the App Store.

Furthermore we can also build and release this iPad app tailored to your companies identity. Contact us for more information regarding the possibilities or if you have any questions.

*Works best with iPads generation 3 or higher. The app is free to download and try out. Only SMB or Enterprise users can sync their own account.

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