PicarioXPO version 2.3 released!

We just released version 2.3 of our PicarioXPO system which brings 360 views, 2d/3d display functionality, drag & drop options, favorite folders, color picker and many more!

What’s new in XPO version 2.3?

  • Multi-scene animations: Create a 360 view or multiple image view rotation.
  • Design library can be displayed in both 2D (flat designs) and 3D (design mapped on a default scene like for example a curved surface)
  • PicarioXPO is a white-label product: Customize the name, the color scheme, logo and more.
  • Re-invented Favorite folder: Support for multiple favorite folder groups
  • You can now drag & drop your labels on your files! You can also drag & drop your files in the favorite folders.
  • Integrated Help page in right corner of your account.
  • Redesigned color module, color picker included!

What is PicarioXPO?

PicarioXPO is a comprehensive online system to manage, share, create and deliver all your visual content. XPO is completly modular so you only pay for the things your companies wants. You can use XPO as a digital asset management (DAM) system to manage, label, share, present all your visual content. Or you can use XPO as a Designer tool to create new visual content within a few clicks online. XPO can also be used to deliver data and images to your website by using the Render and/or Data API.

Are you interested in PicarioXPO? Contact us for more information or check out our DEMO XPO environment.

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