XPO Interactive Image released

XPO Interactive Image — Create and embed a configurator for your website in a few clicks.

XPO Interactive Image is the name of our latest product powered by PicarioXPO. Interactive Image lets XPO users create a small configurator in a few clicks. Just select the desired scenes, textures and/or colors from your XPO account, choose a template for the layout and a small piece of code is automatically generated to copy paste in your website. Just as easy as embedding for example a YouTube video! So no coding or development skills are required.

How can this help your business?

With the XPO Interactive Image module we’ve created the easiest and fastest way to create and add a product configurator to your website or webshop. If you need a product configurator in a short period of time the XPO Interactive Image module will let you set this up within minutes. If a company doesn’t want to embark in a time consuming project or simply doesn’t want to pay a high project fee, the XPO Interactive Image module is the ultimate solution.

Where can you find the XPO Interactive Image?

XPO Interactive Image is now available as an XPO module and can easily be added to your or your customers XPO account.

Are you interested in XPO Interactive Image? Contact us for more information about the Interactive Image module!

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