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The Composable CosmWasm VM is now live on Picasso Rococo — a testnet that has been built for parachains. Introducing CosmWasm to DotSama is a major milestone, as developers now have access to an alternative wasm-based smart contract platform nestled within the ecosystem. In addition, as we continue to push the boundaries of IBC connectivity via Centauri, facilitating seamless packet flows between DotSama parachains and Cosmos-based blockchains becomes more and more essential.

CosmWasm on DotSama accomplishes exactly that, as CosmWasm is compatible with any blockchain built on top of the Cosmos SDK it synergizes perfectly with Centauri’s IBC connections between the two ecosystems to bring seamless connectivity to the forefront. Together, Centauri + the CosmWasm VM will open up unprecedented possibilities for collaboration, innovation, and expansion across blockchain platforms. As a result, this cross-ecosystem connectivity will foster an environment where developers can now build cutting-edge applications that leverage the strengths and capabilities of multiple networks from a single contract on Picasso through our CosmWasm VM.

If you are a CosmWasm-based project, we invite you to build on Picasso to begin leveraging the power of cross-ecosystem technology. Check out the end of this blog for guides, incentives, and details on building and deploying with the Composable CosmWasm VM on Picasso.

Alternative Wasm-based Smart Contracts have entered DotSama

Similar to our accomplishment of implementing IBC outside of Cosmos, this is the first implementation of CosmWasm outside of the Cosmos ecosystem. For DotSama, this opens the door for an influx of smart contract developers who are familiar with CosmWasm to start building and deploying their applications on Picasso to leverage native DotSama assets and applications.

When we introduced our plans to our collaborators, we received a very positive response, and we are delighted to announce that several teams are currently awaiting deployment of their projects. Additionally, we are in discussions with other Cosmos-based developers and projects interested in exploring this opportunity. Overall, the anticipation surrounding the launch of CosmWasm on DotSama has been tremendous.

CosmWasm on Picasso: road to mainnet

Initially, the Composable CosmWasm VM will reside on the Picasso Rococo testnet to ensure smooth operation and robust security, but its eventual integration with Picasso mainnet will significantly affect development capabilities across DotSama. Picasso will become a unique blockchain platform that allows developers to access, leverage, and utilize assets from Polkadot, Kusama, and the Cosmos ecosystems, with more connections coming in the near future. This unprecedented access to resources from such a wide range of blockchain networks will open up new possibilities for users and builders.

Thus, CosmWasm smart contracts on Picasso are poised to be a game-changer, offering developers a powerful toolset to build next-generation DeFi applications and solutions. But, this launch is just the beginning of a new era for cross-ecosystem collaboration and innovation in the blockchain world. Once coupled with Centauri’s IBC connections and the eventual launch of XCVM, the power will only continue to be amplified. We are eager to share more information about our product launches and information regarding projects building and deploying on Picasso in the near future.

Permissionless CosmWasm on Picasso

Permissionless smart contracts facilitate groundbreaking innovation in decentralized finance and are crucial for fostering growth, creativity, and inclusivity in the ecosystem. The open and unrestricted nature of permissionless CosmWasm smart contracts offers various advantages to the DeFi sector on DotSama such as:

  • Fast deployment — without governance bottlenecks, which in turn fosters rapid innovation.
  • Lower entry barrier — Substrate pallet development can be complicated and time extensive for new entrants, and not every team requires a parachain for their application. Our CosmWasm VM allows developers to launch smart contracts on Polkadot & Kusama without the need to write and deploy a new pallet.
  • A powerful network effect — as more projects deploy, more value is created which creates a positive feedback loop where new entrants are encouraged to deploy within the Picasso ecosystem

CosmWasm in particular offers a host of unique advantages that we are excited to bring to the DotSama ecosystem including native IBC functionality, cross-chain smart contracts, and robust developer tooling.

⚒️ Start Building on Picasso ⚒️

For developers interested in launching on Picasso, we offer a suite of guides and incentives to help you at every step along the way. Start building on Picasso today by checking out the resources below:


You can test your CosmWasm contracts using our CosmWasm Orchestrate tooling. This tool provides a complete simulation of our CosmWasm VM that is IBC capable, allowing you to test cross-chain smart contracts without the need to spin up multiple chains. While this may sound complicated all that is required to start testing your contract is to provide the Wasm contract you want to test and calling the entry point.

Once your contracts are ready you can now get started on Rococo by checking out our guide on Composable’s CosmWasm CLI tool. The guide has everything you need to get your contract up and running on Rococo and interacting with our CosmWasm pallet.


Interested CosmWasm projects looking to deploy on Picasso, reach out to our team and get involved! Grants & protocol incentives are available, with 45,000,000 PICA (0.45% of total supply) allocated to protocol teams to help cover the cost of implementation and 101,500,000 PICA (1.015% of total supply) allocated for community incentives which will be distributed among users of these CosmWasm projects on Picasso.

The significance of our CosmWasm VM cannot be overstated as it is a crucial piece in realizing our ultimate vision of any money, any chain, anywhere.



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