Bachelor Ben, Episode 8

This week features the incredibly un-fun hometown dates.

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Ben has to face the families of the four remaining ladies and convince them he’s a stand-up guy. This is not an easy sell: “Hi there, I can’t disclose how I feel about your daughter… I’m dating three other women… Next week I’ll get to sleep with all of them… but hey, your daughter’s in the final four!”

These dates aren’t great for the ladies either, who have to convince their families they’re not batsh*t cray (and being in love with the guy they’ve been on two dates with is reasonable). The families struggle to find a way to be supportive of their daughters/sisters in this disaster of a situation.

Ben first heads to Amanda’s hometown of Laguna Beach, California, where he meets her daughters and they spend an afternoon playing on the beach. When the little tykes get tired and decide to turn on him, Ben quickly realizes having kids is no picnic. When they arrive at Amanda’s house to meet her parents, Ben keeps remarking that it’s been a long day. Amanda’s dad notes that he looks like he might vomit, and pulls him aside to say “there’s a big difference between thinking you want children in your life, and actually having children in your life.” No sh*t.

The second hometown stop is Portland, Oregon to see Lauren B. She and Ben and stroll around town, and he feeds her a grilled cheese (I don’t know about you, but people feeding each other in a “romantic” fashion absolutely revolts me). When Ben arrives at Lauren’s family home, her sister asks what him what makes Lauren stand out, and he responds by crying. While some might find this pathetic, she finds it endearing. Lauren’s dad is not as easily swayed and is skeptical when it comes to Ben. After all, he doesn’t want his “Baby Lolo’s feelings hurt.” Guess she just got herself a new nickname.

Next up is Hudson, Ohio to visit sex-panther Caila, where she and Ben head to a toy factory (that her dad runs) and “build a house” together. Later, Ben meets her mom, her little brother Chris, and her dad (who looks like a serial killer), also named Chris. Big Chris asks Ben what it’s like dealing with “microwave fame,” while little Chris smirks. Caila reveals to her mom that she’s in love with Ben, and is encouraged to tell him. However, at the end of the evening she chickens out — unable to muster up an “I love you,” she opts for “I’ll see you”.

The final stop on the hometown horror tour is Dallas, Texas, JoJo’s hometown. Ben arrives at JoJo’s apartment to find her in tears — she has just opened a letter from her ex, the elusive Chad, who wants her back. JoJo explains that she wants nothing to do with the Chad-man, and Ben believes her. Off they go to meet JoJo’s family, where Ben is confronted by her two extremely protective brothers — the JoBros. The JoBros bring Ben into the interrogation room and bluntly ask “is my sister going to get hurt or is she going to be happy?” Ben panics and responds, “there’s still a lot of time.” That doesn’t cut it. The JoBros spend the rest of the evening stirring up sh*t, and freaking out both Ben and JoJo. JoJo’s mom decides to tune it all out and starts chugging champagne from the bottle, because she’s a boss. Ben’s comment on the evening: “it wasn’t the hometown I would have liked.”

Despite the JoBros’ shenanigans, Ben decides to keep JoJo around and gives her a rose, along with Caila and Baby Lolo. Amanda is a little pissed she had to fly all the way back to L.A. just to get dumped, but other than that she bows out in the most graceful manner we’ve seen to date (no tears!)

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