How we’re responding to COVID-19

Kim Kohatsu
Mar 25 · 1 min read

While the coronavirus has upended daily life for everyone, PickFu has always been a fully remote company. We hire and operate around the globe, relying on video meetings and online communication. Therefore, our day-to-day operations have not been impacted, and we do not anticipate any service interruptions.

Still, this is a harrowing time. The whole world is scrambling to adjust to a new abnormal. Some businesses are experiencing disruptions in their supply chain and shipping capacity. Others have lost all their foot traffic. The future is uncertain for so many.

To help ease the burden, PickFu is committing $20,000 to help businesses in need.

We will grant 100 impacted businesses $200 in PickFu credit. This credit might be used to test new marketing messages, improve websites or app experiences, validate new product launches, or any of the other ways PickFu can be used to put business ideas on a stronger footing.

To have your business be considered for the credit, fill out the form below.

Originally published at The PickFu Blog.


Kim Kohatsu

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I'm the founder of Charles Ave Marketing - Madison Ave for Small Businesses and Startups. I love SEM, business, writing, presidential history, and pandas.



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