between the sheets

I’ve got a little secret —

antoinette nevitt
Jun 20 · 1 min read

I’ve got a little secret.

Ok, I’ll tell you.

Every night about now
I try to relax -

sometimes with my phone -

in bed!

OK, we do stuff.

It’s like my phone
knows exactly what I want -

and we can go all night without a

Yeah, it’s intense...

…and my laptop is ok with it.

OK, we’ve tried a 3-way once or twice –

or always.

OK, so we’re synchronized — DON’T JUDGE!

So, yeah!
It’s me,
my phone
and my laptop
between the sheets –

or on the floor, sometimes –

OR on the kitchen table!

Hey, we can bang it out all night long –
you know it, baby.

We do such crazy, crazy stuff -

Hey, when do you think I wrote this?

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