Just Let Me Make a Phone Call

Bebe Nicholson

Is that too much to ask?

Oh no! Here we go again with the phone issue.

Two years ago my husband and I switched our phone service to T-Mobile so we could get good service in Greece. That worked out great for the two weeks we were in Greece. We could text and read emails when we weren’t busy visiting museums and eating Greek food.

But we’re not in Greece anymore, and it’s not working out so great now, because I don’t have phone service in my mother’s town.

No emails. No texts. No internet. No Google maps. No phone calls. Nothing.

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Despite the service vacuum, I held off switching providers because I had high hopes for the T-Mobile-Sprint merger. If those two can get together, maybe there’s hope for better coverage, I reasoned.

But ten state Attorneys General have thrown cold water on my plans. They have sued to stop the merger. Never mind that AT&T has 94 million customers and Verizon has 118 million. Never mind that the average cost per megabyte of data has declined by 83%. Ten states have sued.

I admit I’m looking at it from a selfish perspective. Maybe they have a great reason for suing. Maybe they have a lot of people in their states working for AT&T or Verizon. But I’m tired of the phone going dead whenever I’m in a 20-mile-radius of Mama’s house.

Today my husband and I decided to bite the bullet and switch to AT&T. The Attorneys General lawsuit put us over the edge. But we ended up not making the transition after all, because AT&T would cost us $100 more a month.

Instead, we called T-Mobile to see if we could order a booster that would give us coverage for the days we were going to be at my Mama’s.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: I don’t get any phone coverage at 14 South Main Street in Rural, North Carolina.

Customer Service: You’ve got no internet coverage?

Me: I don’t get internet at that address, but what I’m talking about is phone service.

Customer Service: So you want internet?

Me: I don’t need internet there. All I want is to make a phone call. I only want phone service.

Customer Service: And what was that address again?

Me: 14 South Main Street, Rural, North Carolina.

Customer Service: 48 South Mean Street, Rural, South Dakota?

Me: No. Fourteen South MAIN Street, Rural, North Carolina.

Customer Service: Rural, North Dakota?

Me: No! Not South Dakota! Not North Dakota! Not any Dakota! North Carolina!

Customer Service: So you want internet at 48 South Mean Street in Rural, North Carolina?

Me: Never mind. Forget it.

Customer Service: Okay, thank you so much for calling. If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

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I admit it. I gave up. What would you do? I’ll go to Walmart and buy some more minutes for my trac phone.

But please let this merger go through!

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