PBS to Acquire Licensing Rights for MTV’s ‘Cribs'

In an attempt to modernize their programming and bolster their appeal to younger demographics, PBS today announced their plans to acquire the licensing rights for MTV’s popular long-running series ‘Cribs.

The show, typically centered on the premise of making average Americans realize just how financially inferior they are to the country’s elite by showcasing the latter’s luxurious homes, will reportedly aim to give a voice to demographics that are underrepresented within the media.

Actor Macaulay Culkin, who’s been tapped by the network to possibly host the show upon its re-release, gave his opinion on the significance of PBS adding such a radically different show to its line-up whilst attempting to peddle coins from passers-by:

“I just really need this to happen.”

Though the formerly beloved Home Alone star was unable to articulate anything other than requests for our spare change, PBS CEO Paula Kerger had more to say regarding how the tone and demeanor of ‘Cribs’ would shift once the transfer was made official:

“Obviously, we’re a little more limited than MTV when it comes to money. And you also have to take into account that our markets are essentially polar opposites. But, we’re confident in the fact that there’s enough homeless shelters, run-down shacks, and people living in them all across America for us to produce a solid 45 seasons of the renovated show.”

Kerger ended the interview by giving a “very special thank-you” to Mr. Caulkin for the two hatfuls of coins he’s donated to the network’s endeavor thus far.

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