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Several Theories As To Why You’ve Suddenly Stopped Walking Up The Escalator

Because there’s no way you would halt the line behind you without reason!

Hi there!

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just a person behind you trying to catch my train. You know, that train at the top of this escalator that I assumed you had to reach as well since you were, but a second before, walking up the left side of the escalator like those in front of you.

Well, they were in front of you. They have long outpaced us since you decided to stop.

I’d love to shout at you to keep moving, but perhaps there is a very good reason for your sudden lack of motion.

1. You realized you were going the wrong way and thought you could walk down. Upon discovering you could not you stand there trying to form another plan.

2. You see an ex at walking across the platform above with a new flame and wish to avoid the forced pleasantries that are bound to occur should she see you.

3. There is a scorpion on the next step and you, bravely, have stopped so that others will not accidentally be stung before the creature is crushed by the teeth at the top of the escalator.

4. You are a robot who has escaped your holding facility. Fortunately for humanity, your creator successfully enabled an override that has stopped you in your tracks.

5. The ghost of a man you murdered is waiting for you at the top of this moving staircase.

6. You are a psychopath who is delighted by the frustration bottlenecked behind you.

7. You are my great-great-grandson who knows that if I catch this specific train my fate will be changed. So you have risked altering time to make sure I have at least one happy timeline.

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Pickle Fork

Letting creative juices flow.