I am starting a startup today.

There are hundreds of startups coming and going every week. Meta is one of them.

Of course I did not wake up today and said to myself, “I am starting a startup today.” — Building a startup requires months or even years of planning before thinking about starting.

A little bit about me:

I am a computer science student from Austria. I love node.js and good looking products that just work. I have not started a company or a project at the size of a startup yet and I don’t really have a plan.

We are in the golden age of startups. Tiny startups are getting big and helping the smaller ones getting big too. There are so many awesome blogs and books about startups out there.

Everyone nowadays can found a startup — all you need is an idea.

I don’t think reading a few blog articles is enough, you need to learn everything in person. — I will share everything I learned on this medium publication.

The idea.

This could be a whole post but I am going to keep it short for now and tell you more about Meta in the future.

I develop a lot. Sometimes only myself, sometimes with other people. But I always had that problem of documentation. A markdown file is often not enough. There are really cool tools out there that try to address the problems I had, like Dropbox Paper, but those also have limits.

So I am trying to build an awesome tool for collaboration in teams with text or anything else I find to be necessary on this journey.

This was a really bad pitch but I will write a whole post on the idea behind meta.

This whole blog is here to force me to spend more time building Meta. So I am starting today. I already started doing a bit of development on the core product.

There are times when I will not have time to write or to build Meta, so I am not giving myself a deadline.

I am not sure how I will build Meta and what Meta is going to be. I hope you’ll follow me on my journey — I will keep you up to date best I can.

You should follow @pickmeta and @tobihrbr(that’s me) on twitter to keep updated.