3 best live chats for e-commerce and how they can help your business grow

Matt Pliszka
Jan 15, 2018 · 5 min read

Today we look into the best live chat apps for e-commerce and how they can help you improve sales of your on-line store.

Let’s look at 3 ways in which live chats can help your on-line business and which live chat solutions are the best at doing this.

1. Communication

Live chats are obviously the apps which are outstanding in minimizing the time needed to contact your current or potential customer. So instead of writing an e-mail, a visitor browsing through your store, can reach out to you directly with his question about delivery, specification or alternative products.

This, however, does not have to be a one-sided initiated conversation. You can also set specific triggers which can help you quickly address most frequent questions your customer has on the particular sub-page. Want to ask the customer if he has any question about the estimated delivery cost as long as he stays at your product page more than 10 seconds? No problem. Just set the trigger and he will see the chat message pop up at the right moment.

The perfect solution for managing the communication between you and your customers is LiveChat, which focuses on delivering the most user-friendly experience possible. It is quite simple to implement it, even in larger teams, and any more complicated cases can be handled using the ticketing system. You can also track the effects of your conversations using the goals option, letting you measure e.g. the number of purchases which have happened after your talk with the customer.

You can check our detailed LiveChat review in our latest video or blog post.

2. Gathering information

Communication is only a little piece of functionality which you get in a live chat. A much more important area, where you can benefit from a chat installed at your website is all the analytical engine it provides in the package.

What does it mean? It means, that you can actually start gathering the observations how visitors behave at your website. For example, CartHook, one of live chat users in this video tells about his story of his customers leaving his website as soon as they saw the “About us” page. This has helped him see that he should focus more on building the credibility of his website and has enabled him to increase the number of purchases his visitors make each time they visit his store.

Live chats are not only about analyzing the behavior of your visitors. They also give you instant access to the data who your visitors are and let you store them. You can imagine that it might be quite important whether you’re talking to a customer who has already done multiple purchases at your store or you speak to a visitor who’s seeing your landing page for the first time.

One of the best live chat apps for information monitoring is Pure Chat. Its real-time visitors’ monitoring function might be especially useful for small and medium enterprises as it gives you instant and simply presented data about your current visitors, e.g. the product page they’re on, the country they’re from and how long they’ve been browsing through your website. This is quite a useful data to know in real-time and what is even cooler, you can store the information about your visitors in the contacts list, so as soon as your loyal customer visits your website, you’ll already know it.

3. Optimization

Gathering and analyzing the data is not enough. You have to take advantage of it and take actions which are going to turn useful information into additional sales.

There are numerous ways in which you can optimize your store using the gathered information. Do you tend to get the same question from every 2nd customer who’s chatting with you? Maybe you should optimize the information on your product page or add this question to your FAQ to save your and your customer’s time? A visitor abandons your website as soon as he checks the availability of other color options? Maybe you should extend your offer with new colors?

There is probably no better live chat solution than UserEngage to help you optimize your e-commerce business. You can actually take your customer through a journey while they’re looking at your website, meaning you can design specific actions happening while they’re browsing your store. For example, you can set up a message about an alternative product as soon as your customer quits a particular product page or e-mail the visitors who visited a particular product page about a new version as soon as it’s released. This is an awesome way to bring additional business to your on-line store.

To sum up, live chats are a powerful app to boost your e-commerce business. They enhance your communication with current and potential customers, let you analyze and monitor what’s happening during user-website interaction and finally, help you optimize your store’s offer so that it aligns with the needs of your clients.

3 live chat apps which can definitely help you succeed in these areas are LiveChat, Pure Chat, and UserEngage. Let us know what you think about this choice and we will be happy to help you implement the solutions on your website.

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