5 Ways Online Appointment Scheduling Builds Customer Relationships

Business owners strive to do the best for their customers and stakeholders. Relationships are dynamic, but they shouldn’t have to be complicated. In fact, customers prefer straight-forward and simple interaction.

Back and forth emails and calls can only get you so far when it comes to providing the best service. That’s why more and more customers are turning to companies that employ innovative tech solutions to make things easier. Particularly as it applies to confirmations and service payments, nearly 70% of customers only want to deal with sources that they trust.

Business with a Personal Touch

Just because you use online tools to interact with your customers doesn’t mean that personalization and friendliness have to get lost in the mix. To make your customers feel like more than a number, it is important to make sure that you have tailored your tools to match the needs of those who use it.

Clients don’t want to communicate their needs as much as they want them to be anticipated by the companies that they use to complete tasks. Think of it this way: Gone are the days when you could meet your customers halfway. Now, it is important to meet customers at their doorstep.

Tools to Help You Connect

Some online tools for this sort of service are better than others. It can help to have automated responses and interactive chat functions to help customers with their needs. But, scheduling should not be overlooked when thinking about how online software can help you achieve your business goals.

There are great content management systems like Asana and Wunderlist, which can organize and prioritize tasks for you and your team. This makes sure you get more done and never forget to follow-up with your customers

See session details and priority in Asana.

Organize lists and reminders with Wunderlist’s easy-to-use portal.

In addition to content management, online appointment scheduling with software programs is great for building trust.

SuperSaaS is one of the most flexible appointment scheduling systems on the market. It features many different options to customize a calendar for a diverse variety of needs. These features include 24/7 availability, send automatic SMS/email reminders, create waiting lists, custom forms, accept online payments and credits, sync calendars, customize layout style to match branding, integrate with custom website, design promotions, control access, set pricing rules, and more. SuperSaaS is also available in 34 languages.

Customize colors and layout views on your schedule with SuperSaaS

Adjust opening hours and a diverse collection of settings to create a calendar that works for any client

There are several advantages to making one of these online booking calendars available to your loyal customers. Here are a few ways having an appointment booking schedule can help establish a rapport between you and the people who use it:

Eliminate Mistakes.

Online scheduling allows not only the customer to check for mistakes, but it enables the computer to check for booking errors as well. For instance, a good online scheduler will not allow for double bookings to happen. You can even set time buffers between meetings to make sure you are prepared for every session.

It may seem difficult keeping track of appointments on pen and paper. It has been found that that online scheduling makes it clear and simple for both you and your customers. By eliminating mistakes, you add to your bottom line by keeping customers happy. They’ll wish to return more because they have faith in you and your services to be correct and on time for their needs.

Always Available.

By keeping your calendar online, you are making booking appointments with you more accessible than ever. If they wish, customers can log on in the middle of the night to make an appointment with you. It doesn’t matter if it is a weekend or a holiday, your customers can make appointments on their own time. This gives them the freedom and peace of mind that you are always available to make appointments at times that work for their schedule.

When using traditional back-and-forth email scheduling, you can only respond when you get some free time. This means that customers could go for hours without hearing back whether their appointment is confirmed. With an online booking schedule, you can send messages and confirm appointments automatically, even when you are away from your computer or phone.

More Options.

Customers don’t like being told when and where they can meet. By presenting customers with a full view of your calendar for the month, you are letting them look at all the free spaces you have. They can then make a decision about booking with you that fits their schedule. By giving your clients more choices when it comes to how they view and use your calendar, they feel empowered to make their own appointments.

By putting the ball in their court, customers feel a sense of peace and no pressure when it comes to booking. These types of small changes can make a world of difference when customers are choosing between you and one of your competitors.

Extra Features.

Sometimes customers want more than a normal booking experience. From time to time, it is nice to offer them extras. Sometimes that means offering discounts on certain days of the week. Other times that can mean establishing a credit system so that customers can buy appointment packages all at once. It also means that customers can book repeating sessions, which is good news for your business.

A reservation calendar is an extremely flexible program that allows you to program your schedule the way you want to. By adding in these clauses and special features, you are anticipating the needs and wants of your user base. Online appointment scheduling is a great way to offer your customers more ways to book and interact so that you can gain their loyalty.

A Personal Touch.

Customers hate feeling like they are insignificant. But sometimes when personally planning a schedule with many clients, it can be easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Online appointment software doesn’t allow for that to happen.

You can have your users create logins that will help auto-populate some of the detail fields when they wish to make an appointment. It’s also possible to send customized appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups. These messages to clients establish care and courtesy that isn’t available with other types of appointment booking.

The Bottom Line on Customer Trust

As you can see, online reservation calendars offer a lot of value to both businesses and customers that use them. They can perform administrative tasks that would be too taxing for one person to do. All the while, they are communicating important details about your business and schedule in a simple and effective way.

There is nothing more important to customers than honesty and good faith. In fact, 72% of customers will pass the word on about a good business experience. They want business transactions that they make happen in their daily life to be simple. As more customers turn toward self-service systems, it is valuable for all businesses to have their eye on catering to these desires. In this way, online appointment scheduling software can lead to the one thing that every business owner strives for: happy customers that keep coming back.