How SaaS Apps Can Help You Achieve More By Doing Less

Effective work management does not necessarily mean responding to thousands of emails each day, having endless meetings to attend and attending several calls in an effective manner. There are better, more productive ways for you to spend your workday, and yet make it effective. You need to optimize your work processes by working smarter and not harder. Thankfully, in the modern world, you have access to a lot of free online tools which can help you and your team members to make the day productive and your work more efficient.

In this blog post, you’ll find some simple yet effective ways to help you and your team members increase productivity at work with much fewer efforts. Adopt these smart software to do your work for you and get some more time for yourself.

Group and prioritize your tasks

When you’re working a full-time job and you find yourself struggling to assign your daily priorities, it’s best to create a checklist or a to-do list. You can take advantage of your time by prioritizing your daily tasks. You can use free apps to create checklists like To-Doist, Asana, and Wunderlist to help you in the process.

Task List in Asana

Step 1: Write down your tasks.

Step 2: Organize them into groups and according to priority.

Step 3: Assign them to specific people within your team.

Step 4: Assign deadlines to the most important tasks.

Apps like Asana will automatically send you reminders if you have not completed the task until the assigned deadline.

Create Your Online Appointment Schedule

If you work in a job which involves setting up calls and meetings with multiple people then you should use the SuperSaaS Online Scheduling System to manage your meetings online. SuperSaaS is an online appointment scheduling software, which allows you to create your personal schedule online.

  1. Set up your opening hours & business hours availability, so you decide when you’re available for meetings.
  2. Allow invitees to book meetings on your schedule according to mutual availability which allows you to skip too many back and forth emails to find a mutual meeting time.
  3. Send automated text or email reminders & notifications on your behalf so that you and your attendees never miss a meeting.
  4. Sync seamlessly with your Google calendar, Outlook calendar and iCal which allows you to manage your personal and professional availability together.
  5. Integrate it with your existing apps like Todoist, Asana, Wunderlist so you can manage work and meetings together.
  6. Coordinate with multiple team members in one schedule by automatically finding common available time slots, so you don’t have to worry about working with everyone’s schedule.

SuperSaaS allows you to set minimum scheduling notice so that you never walk unprepared for a meeting. You should also add buffer times in between your meetings, which is more productive than having back to back meetings

Sample Personal Meeting Appointment Schedule with SuperSaaS

Once your setup is complete, you can easily overview your upcoming agenda on your personal appointment schedule.

Agenda for Personal Meeting Appointments Schedule with SuperSaaS

SuperSaaS can also be combined with other useful platforms for achieving more complex tasks like creating invoices for your customers, add new leads to SalesForce, create Zoom meetings and more.

Simplify Communication by Collaboration

There’s more and more things to know in the world, and you can have only so much in your head. So share your knowledge and collaborate with your team members. Collaboration propels you to become a learning organization and helps encourage mutual learning within the team. Encourage teams to communicate internally with a free chat software like Slack.

  1. Talk face to face, schedule video calls with them or share your screen via Slack so you don’t have to worry about sending too many emails trying to explain the challenges.
  2. Share important files by simply dragging and dropping directly into Slack.
  3. Streamline your work with integrated tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoom, Salesforce, etc.
  4. The search feature allows you to find all the important conversations at the same channel, learn more from discussions with the team and see if someone else has already solved the problem that you might be working on.
Communication with Slack

Focus towards the end goal

Having a clear compelling goal will motivate you to focus your efforts towards actionable items. Goals help in guiding your attention towards the important steps and sustaining the momentum of work. You can align your focus on important tasks by using a simple yet powerful project management software like ClickUp. Some key features of this productivity platform include:

  1. Different ways of viewing your tasks like the list view, the box view or the board view so that you see the tasks in the way which makes most sense for you and your project.
  2. Some sales cycle may have only 3 stages while some others may have as much as 7 or 8 stages so ClickUp allows you to create your own custom status
  3. The multitask toolbar allows you to make changes to multiple tasks at the same time, without wasting time on changing each task individually.
Manage your projects and increase productivity with Click Up

Maintain Your Documents On The Cloud

While working on several things at once, you tend to create a lot of documents to keep a track of multiple things. You can eliminate dealing with too many versions of the same file by saving your work on the cloud using software like Google Docs or Dropbox.

  1. Access anytime anywhere and never worry about carrying your laptop everywhere because you can access your files from a single account on any device including your phone.
  2. Never worry about completely messing up your work, because Google drive allows you to see and restore old versions of your file
  3. Google Drive offers powerful search features which means you can easily locate your file on the drive eve if you haven’t found the time to organize your files.
  4. Share your files with any of your team members and allow different levels of access depending on your requirements
Manage all types of files on the cloud with Google Drive

Many of us face challenges in finding the documents on time, but with Google drive it’s quick & easy to work and collaborate with team members without maintaining too many versions of the file.

And then achieve it…

It’s unrealistic to believe that you can work all day without any fun! Sometimes the best way to increase your productivity is to let yourself loose and let the technology work for you. If you start using these small softwares in your daily life, you will be surprised on how much you can accomplish in the same time frame.

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