picksaas story submission

Hey 🙌

I’m Matt and I’m the co-founder of picksaas.com, where we research SaaS applications to help our users find the best ones to grow their businesses.

After receiving hundreds of applications to be featured @ picksaas from SaaS vendors, we decided to give everybody a chance to post to our Medium’s SaaS software blog.

Before submitting your story, please go through the guidelines, below.

1. What do you get from posting a story at picksaas Medium publication?

  • You take advantage of our publication’s reach and are promoted through our social media channels (few thousands of active picksaas Twitter followers)
  • The best stories will be also be included at https://picksaas.com/blog/page + sent to our subscribers in our weekly SaaS update newsletter.
  • The best SaaS products will be analyzed by our team and possibly included at picksaas.com SaaS catalog + re-promoted in our native blog posts, which could mean new, incoming leads for your SaaS business

2. What can you write about?

There are no strict guidelines regarding the topic, so feel free to take advantage of your creativity. As an inspiration, in picksaas, we have so far published 3 types of articles:

  • Recommendations

E.g. 5 best SaaS applications I use for project management

  • Tutorials

E.g. How to install a LiveChat window on a website?

  • Stories/research

E.g. We have analyzed 100 e-commerce companies. This is what we’ve learned about their marketing channels.

3. Guidelines

There are a few recommendations related to the submitted stories:

Text-related guidelines:

  • The text must be minimum 1,000 words
  • The post must also include some screens/graphics
  • The post should include at least 2 links to external, valuable sources
  • The text must be checked using Grammarly + it is recommended to implement some corrections indicated in HemingwayApp to increase the reading flow
  • Quotes, citations are highly recommended as they increase the reliability of your content

Content-related guidelines:

You can promote your product, however, the content must be educational, not promotional. What does it mean? The article can’t be about Overview of features of XXX application. Instead, write about: 5 ways to increase productivity and how this app can help you do this.

How does the publishing process look like

  1. Fill in the form, posting a link to your story.
  2. If the story is accepted and you’re not our writer, yet, we will add you to our publication as a writer.
  3. Then, you’d need to add the story to our publication.
  4. We will notify you when the story is live or if there are any corrections needed.
  5. If the story is accepted, it will shared on our social media channels.
  6. The best stories will be featured on our https://picksaas.com/blog/page and sent to our subscribers’ list.

Can’t wait to see you promote your SaaS product @ picksaas.com 🎉

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