I realized that I don’t ask myself this question often enough: what do I dream of? Do I always see my dreams come true? Does dreaming contribute to our happiness, or does it just make us focus on what we are not able to materialize?

I always wanted to learn and read and discover, to roam the world; I just never knew how much euphoria exploration brought about, until I felt it. School and work for me are still places where I’m happy, even at the most stressful moments. I made a choice a long time ago, to drop out of the system and follow my own system. There was a lot of resistance at first, from my parents, from society, even from my own conscience! But my desire prevailed, and I’m glad it did. Not really because it made me happier in future, but more because it taught me courage; courage to make a choice, to take the risk, to be free from what I “should” do, to not be afraid of what I might lose. With decision making comes responsibility, and sometimes even regret (if you’re not too arrogant to admit it), but most of all, comes freedom.

Some people think they need more power to make decisions, or more security to take risks, or the right moment to make a choice. They’re wrong, and I have the proof! If you’re waiting to be happy, you’ll wait for a very long time. You might even wait your life away.

Yesterday, in my own little world of make-believe, all felt good. I dreamt on, and smiled myself to sleep. Tonight, I’m writing this on a train, leaving for a night’s adventure, and coming back to another world tomorrow… and I’m still smiling :-)