Genderless: a Story of E and Pi

Osama Sayed
Nov 12, 2014 · 3 min read

Every time E’s on a plane, E contemplates. Sometimes E also writes. E is quite stable, and predictable. Ironically, as much as E is exponentially increasing in knowledge, culture, experience, and even positive feelings, E hates infinity and unlimited territories.

E likes waking up every morning quite early, say 6 o’clock. E looks at Pi lying in bed. Pi has a beautiful face, a baby face, even though Pi is not so young. E knows Pi by heart. They have been together for many years now, gone through many ups and downs, and lived in many places. They haven’t really planned all of this, nor have they planned waking up together so many a times in bed. But what the hell, at some point in their lives, a magic number struck them both.

Every morning, not very late as well, Pi wakes up. As E smiles mischievously while looking at Pi’s barely open eyes, E’s hands softly start working on Pi’s body. Pi rarely objects, as Pi also likes starting the day with a soft sexual session. Little did they both know, starting the day with sex is actually quite healthy! E never tires of the way Pi squirms and moans in bed. E has been waiting for the passion to fade away; but even though the eroticism between E and Pi can sometimes not be at its best, that flame is still between them, who knows until when.

Still early, Pi likes to go running. E was never much of a sporty, even though E’s shape got better as years went by. Pi sometimes runs for 31 minutes, and sometimes when it’s a day off Pi can even jog then run a total of almost 3 and a quarter hours! When it’s the shorter version, E would have usually showered already, got dressed, prepared some breakfast, and started listening to the news. E really enjoys being up to date with everything occurring in the world, and Pi usually enjoys listening to E rambling about those events. E only starts preparing coffee when Pi gets out of the shower after running. Pi doesn’t say much in the morning… in fact, Pi doesn’t say much in general, but E doesn’t always seek verbal expression, so it works out nicely.

As Pi kisses E to leave to work, E starts preparing the desk to work as well. E usually goes through an hour every morning correcting some student papers before heading to university to lecture. E has always had a stable job and always knew what to do for a living and even enjoyed it. Pi was always a bit more random, often changing jobs, mostly progressing, but rarely happy with the status quo.

When friends of E and Pi look at their life, they mostly think it has fallen to quite a routine. But then, no one knows how E and Pi’s lives intertwine on so many levels, producing such infinite possibilities, breaking that routine each morning, each meal, and each trip.

On the plane, as Pi infinitely shifts and changes, E sometimes tries to contemplate the possibilities, but it quickly gets scary. In any case, E and Pi lived happy and genderless forever and ever.


The happy electron!

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