Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder

Osama Sayed
Sep 17, 2014 · 2 min read

Amidst all the code, technical meetings, and political discussions with university students, I’m looking forward to tonight’s show.

Besides the fact that Berliner Ensemble evoques at least two excellent performances in my memory (I think both were in Berlin), discovering tonight’s event on my calendar[1. I have to admit that my entire life is on Google Calendar, and I have no other means to remember what I’m doing on which day of the year.] brought about another thought, one that springs from Brecht on stage, a BBC Two documentary I had watched a while ago — I’m sure it’s still available for free on YouTube. I remember that Brecht actually changed the performance at one point in history, in order to project the image of Courage that he wanted the public to see. This goes out to my friend Pierre (a deadly handsome stage director!): tu vois, depuis la nuit des temps, il y a des gens qui se plégnent que le publique ne comprend pas !

I also vividly remember Karl Mickel’s Einstein, which tells me I’m really going to enjoy Paul Dessau’s music. As of Claus Peymann, the director, the name rings a bell, but I’m just incapable of remembering for what it tolls!! For the scenography (Frank Hänig… yeah, ironic, I know) I’ll just have to trust the group for nearly 3 and a half hours.

Overall, I’m really happy that’s the last thing I’ll be doing before catching an easyJet to Milano at 6am tomorrow — damn you Air France pilots for going on strike, I don’t feel like I can stand you much at the moment!


The happy electron!

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