This is all we are. And it is everything.

The amount I didn’t know when I started Picture Motion would take so many Medium posts it might’ve broke the internet. It still feels that way today. But after 3+ years of growing, there is one truth that hit me as we pulled together our 2015 Impact Report: The best part of PicMo is the people, and we are nothing without them. The contributions, personal achievements and sacrifices of the people that make up the company are the company. I really realized this last week while working in a Google doc with my partners, and want to share part of that conversation, because…well this:

In 2015 we took care of our 3 dogs and visited our 25 parents. We traveled to China, Malaysia, UAE, UK, and we climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro. We went to Canada, a lot. We are Truman Fellows, IFP advisors, Big Sisters, and NYWIFT members. We spoke at TIFF and Sundance and Hot Docs, but more importantly we made friends at TIFF and Sundance and Hot Docs. We won a competition at Facebook and fundraised at SoulCycle. We completed a sentence in prison. We partnered with NYC to offer paid internships to inner city kids. We talked with Richard Branson, Gloria Steinem, and Bassem Youssef. We hung out at Capitol Hill, the UN, the State Department and the US Conference of Mayors. We earned a college degree. We broke one foot, then the other foot. We were invited to our Alma Mater to present our work. We made our first short film. We had heartbreak and fought for our relationships. We moved in with a loved one. We are 8 months into making a human. Together we bowled, played Heads Up, drank hot toddies, drank even more wine, made puns and watched Hunger Games. But the rest of the time, we made sure the films that can change the world, do.