Just Waiting to Spring

ok not really, but it looks like it

photo: randy cooper




The world as I see it through a camera lerns. There is so much to see and so often in the rush of everyday life we miss it. I just want to show people the smaller details and the beauty of life in the world around them.

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The Roof is closed today (3/4) for the Shriner’s Hospital for Children College Classic


You are exactly where you need to be.

<a href=””>Kisses and Squeezy Hugs</a>

Please, just a little more blue

Будущее за Axelar Network !

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Randy Cooper

Randy Cooper

Life has come full circle. I’m older now than I was. But that’s a good thing. The world has changed, so have I. But I am happy. Find me at randy19064@gmail.com

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