Are You Missing Out On Sells; If You’re Not Texting Your Customers?

What impact is your business experiencing if you’re not allowing your customers to pay for products & services with TXT messaging?

Paul Perry
Jan 7 · 3 min read
Must of your customers are comfortable making a payment via text message.

Like people, businesses are and can be resistant to that ugly word “change.” “Change.” It can be frightening; it can be uncomfortable; worst of all it can make you feel like you don’t know what in the world you’re doing. But like most events in life, that’s not true.

Let’s briefly look back and reflect on what your opinion might have been for your SMB when you first heard about the Apple iPad all the way back in April 2010 (yup, it’s been that long). Each year when a new iPad was released, there was noise and some excitement that the iPad was going to penetrate into the SMB workforce faster than ever, with implementation taking off just as quickly.

Guess what happened? Most SMB could not even imagine this excitement for the iPad given their own and their employee’s reluctance toward new technology; who may have heard “what’s this iPad thing?” On the flip-side, there were others that embraced it; “I want that.” As would be expected to some degree, you might say, both sides had their reasoning for embracing the iPad, while others kept their distance.

Now just for a moment, if you’re one of those SMB that didn’t embrace the iPad, and if you’re honest with yourself admitting that you wished your SMB had implemented the technology sooner, you’d realize all those years where you could have had a few more percentage points of profit. “Profits,” I say, you bet. The right change, in most instances, can bring about higher profits.

I now present to you another iPad moment that just maybe your SMB can learn from. What if I told you that most of your customers that are purchasing products and services directly from you, do not want a phone call, email, or web-page to be directed to, to make a payment with you.

What is it that they want? It’s simple. They want a TXT message that allows them to make an Apple Pay or Android Pay payment to you, or simply fill out a credit card field with minimal data input (only CC#, CVC, Zip).

But guess what? You guessed it. Most businesses, and maybe even yours, are not comfortable with sending a TXT message with a direct link for automated payment. However, very soon, it will be commonplace and expected for most, if not all businesses to offer customers the ability to make a payment to you via TXT message.

Here’s how quickly your customers want to pay you.

What amount of business might you be losing by not directly texting your customers a link so they can pay as quickly as possible? Most of your customer base will pay you just as fast as when you TXT them. The data show, if you TXT a customer, you will get a response in less than 3 minutes. Call them, email them and you will most likely be ignored, or get an answer that is days later. This same logic applies to payments being sent by the TXT message. Send a TXT for payment; expect that payment to be received to your company in less than 3 minutes.

Even if you’re automating your payment request, we encourage you to continue doing it the way you’re comfortable with, but go ahead and send an automated TXT request for payment. From there you can start to analyze the data, and see how your customer base is reacting to you sending them TXT message for payment; you just might be surprised.

What can companies do if they have not made the change? You guessed it; Simple-just download Pidgins, and get started today. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to implement. Get started in minutes.

With the tablet, you and your SMB probably already own and can’t live without, along with Pidgins, your tomorrow will never look the same without having TXT based credit card payments available to your customers.

Paul Perry

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Pidgins SMS — Passionate for Product Development, Software Development — Interest: Security, MSDN Azure, Amazon AWS, Twilio and OpenSource


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