Do Your Customers Like Back and Forth Emails?

Your Customers’ Inboxes Are Full, and They’d Rather You Had A Text Conversation With Them Instead Of An Email.

Paul Perry
Oct 1, 2019 · 3 min read
For Your Customers, It’s All Things Smartphone, and Texting.

Have you thought to yourself, do my customers really want another email from my business? Is the time/labor cost I accrue throughout the day to have my employees (or myself for that matter) send out emails, the best usage of everyone’s time, customers included? Has the email age passed?

There was a time when email made sense, but are those times behind us now? Email as a tool for customer service became popularized during 1996–1997 (remember Hotmail). During that time period, email was looked upon as a faster and cheaper means of communication with your customers.

When email became a business tool for customer communication, businesses quickly started to have conversations with their customers instead of attempting to reach them on the phone. This was great for all parties. Customers replied back when they could (usually when they got home from work), and the businesses replied back during regular business hours.

Not only could you communicate with your customers, but you could send them pictures, they could send you pictures back (everyone is happy). Then PDF came along, what a fantastic feature, you could now email invoices and proposals to your customers, by directly sending them an email. Amazing at the time.

Your Customers Are Looking For A Text Conversation.

But where are we today in 2019? Customer communication for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) is pivoting. SMBs are starting to realize that the full proliferation of smartphones into all of our lives can no longer be ignored. Where email was once the norm, texting is now the norm for your customer. Why?

Texting is quick, immediate, and very concise in its sentencing construction. Which of these would you prefer? “Can you email/text/call me when my car is ready to be picked up?” All of us are texting one another all day long, so the answer is naturally, “text me when my car is ready.”

So, why aren’t SMBs doing the same thing? Perhaps they think it’s unprofessional? Maybe it’s not knowing how to start a test pilot? How then should SMBs get started with texting instead of emailing their customers?

Start by “you” texting your customers directly instead of emailing them. Once you see the immediacy of your customers responding back, you’ll quickly realize texting is the preferred method for customer engagement.

After you’ve tested using your own phone for a while, you’ll need to move over to a managed system for your business texting. A system that can assign text threads to another employee, and can even send out text messages at a scheduled date/time. A system that has a unified inbox for incoming text messages from your customers is what you’re after.

As you can see, today more than ever, your customers are ready for the texting conversation you’re about to start with them. Start texting today with Pidgins! Is a Business Text Messaging Platform. Questions? Text Us: +1–510-422–0079

Paul Perry

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Pidgins SMS — Passionate for Product Development, Software Development — Interest: Security, MSDN Azure, Amazon AWS, Twilio and OpenSource

Pidgins Is a Business Text Messaging Platform. Questions? Text Us: +1–510-422–0079

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