What’s a Unified Inbox, and What Can It Do For Your Company?

Centralized TXT Messaging Is What Employees and Managers Want. Let’s Take A Quick Look At How It Works.

Paul Perry
Oct 22, 2019 · 3 min read
What Do We Want… We Want Your Company To TXT Us… What Do We Want…. We Want…

When you begin to think about how to implement a text messaging platform for your company, the one area where implementation might prevent you from making the jump is answering, “how do we control all incoming and outgoing messages, so we don’t get inundated, resulting in customer messages being ignored?

Having your customer messages be ignored is not something you can allow to happen in this day and age. Unhappy customers not only affect your bottom line, but they affect those precious metrics you might have with third party providers (KPI & NPS, just to name a few).

Unified Inbox… Centralized and Managed

This is where the “Unified Inbox” comes into play. All incoming messages come into a centralized area, where each message is classified as “unassigned” until an agent or manager takes ownership of that “unassigned” message.

What happens once an agent begins to answer a message, is that the message would be automatically assigned to them; they would be the owner of the message until they reply back to the customer.

Not only can an agent take the assignment to a customer text message thread, but a department(s) can receive incoming messages as well. So, you could create groups of users that are classified as CSR, Billing, Support, etc.

Now let’s take a look at what an example organization assignment structure might look like.

An Example of the Unified Inbox Agent/Department Assignment.

Once an agent is done having a conversation with one of your customers (which is typically done within 3 responses from your customer), they will simply close the message thread, which then completes the conversation.

If the customer writes back at a later time, it will be treated as a new unassigned message, and the new thread process workflow will start all over again. Keep in mind, most agents can handle up to 40 unique text messaging threads per hour, and most customer interactions are completed in less than 4 responses.

All Incoming TXT Threads Are Centrally Managed

All Facets Of Your Business, Coming Together Utilizing A Unified Inbox Approach.

As you can see, since all incoming message(s) arrive in one centralized area, it’s simpler to manage unanswered messages, and it’s easier to get an assessment of how many messages are in the queue (unassigned messages). If you are a manager, you always have your pulse on your unified inbox since, at any given time, you see what’s being worked on, what needs to be accomplished, and what department is getting the most request from your customers.

Never before have you had these tools to manage a new technology when it comes to a text messaging platform. New ideas and rules are available to you, to quickly and effectively communicate with your customers using the Pidgins Text Messaging Platform, all the while still keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, and allowing your metrics and profits to remain high.



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