The World-Wide Web Controller

Searching the internet on a MacBook computer. Picture by Katie Beeso

The internet is ever changing. Since the beginning of its time things such as telegraphs, cell phones and computers have all been in our daily lives. These things help us communicate with one another, but the internet connects all these devices together. Can you imagine a time without the internet? What would we do without computers? How did people communicate with email and businesses? Even decades ago it used to be where the only way to talk to each other was on the phone, which was an appropriate and effective form of communication. Now it is possible to search the internet or web on the computer or small smart device. Specifically the computer was the first and main source of internet capability and it has thus evolved with time.

Photo by Renato Targa from Creative Commons on Flickr.

Computers are one of the most used technologically advanced devices in our present day. There’s an array of social media sites, email and applications that connect us through the internet. What many people don’t know is that the first computer was not originally created for internet to exist. The abacus was the first real invention that lit the fire for the computer revolution. The abacus was a small calculator made from wires and beads. This invention was used hundreds of years ago, but can be found today. You would think that something like the abacus is miles different than the MacBook Pro, but initially the goal of the system is similar. As time passed the world was ready for a computer.

Invented in the 1800s, the first recorded computer was meant to solve an economic crisis by making it easier to store data and numbers into one device. This computer was not small by any means, but took up an entire room. The phone in my pocket right now has more power in it’s tiny battery than this computer did, which shows the insane evolution of the start of the computer. However, at the start of the evolution of computer technology there was a concern how to get these computers to be able to be located in homes. The worlds first binary computer was created by Konrad Zuse, an engineer, who created this invention in his parents home during WWII. Many of the first computers were invented during World War II in order to keep a solid contact with each military force so many focused on the advanced during this time. From then on the trend was sparked and computer systems began to blossom.

From the start there was an immediate struggle with portability for computers. The engineers had not grasped the idea of creating a portable product quite yet, but as time passed the computers soon got smaller and easily accessible. One of the major problems with the computer faced was accessibility. Life in the 2000s is all about technology and gadgets, but it is about the most useful, fastest and most easily portable devices. The strive for easy to use and small computers were in desperate need and many companies were working for these products.

Starting in the beginning, Microsoft was one of the most popular programs in everyones household and office. This program was well-known, trusted and pretty advanced for its time. Now there is one computer system and “brand” that has engulfed our technology world and pushed all the rest aside. Apple Inc has been around since 1976 and began it’s peak in the late 90s. Apple products are prominent and easy to distinguish among the rest. They have a strong look and presence and as of 2016 they are one of the most highly used companies for computers. The reason Apple became on the map was because not only was their computers were slick and clean looking, but they were accessible and portable. Their computers are similar and the overall programming of the product is simple. The simplicity was what brought them to the top because many people struggle with technology. There are many young people who are very capable of using an array of computers, but many choose the easier way.

The world has gone from computers the size of rooms to computers to portable devise as big as the size of your hand. Computers are the main source. They are the root of the tree and the water to the plant. Without the computer there can be no working external devices such as phones, iPads and tablets. Computers work like this. They are the focal point to all of the information in ones daily life, from email to files, we have to connect everything to them and through them to get information stored. Computers are like a file cabinet but digital. Without computers life would be much different, and I know many wouldn’t know how to survive without all their gadgets.

Evolution of the personal computer. Video by Error418 on Youtube.
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