Piece Source Code

  • Piece is a new platform developed independently by ONE ACT Inc., where anyone can purchase and sell source code.
  • You can use the source code you purchased immediately, or with modifications, for your own software development or for company service.
  • As system engineers and programmers exchange source code provision and usage through “piece”, it is possible to reduce the cost of system development and dramatically accelerate development speed.
  • “Piece” aims to “accelerate the speed of software development and become a world-standard platform for creating new innovative services.”
  • “Piece” usage is free. Fee is charged only when source code is purchased.
  • Site functionality is available in English and Japanese language. Current payment mode is through PayPal and USD and JPY, 2 currencies are supported for Payment. Users not having PayPal account can also use the site and can complete the payment on PayPal site with their debit/credit card.
  • In the future we plan to expand further functions and deal with multilingualization and many more currencies.

Service Details -

Web Site URL: https://www.piece.cool

System usage fee: Free

Selling price: 1 $ ~ 1,000 $ (per source code)


· Sales (upload) of source code, acquisition of compensation for sales

· Purchase (download) source code and acquire usage points

· Search source code

· Variable function of selling price, Automatic update to fair price

· Review source code after purchase(evaluation, star attachment)

· Popular source ranking, Popularity ranking

· Report for source code, elimination of malicious source

About ONE ACT Corporation -

Company name: ONE ACT Co., Ltd.

Location: 2–17–13 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo INOUE BLDG.2 405

Representative: Director Yusuke Asano

Establishment: October 2013

Business description: Operation of source platform “piece”

WEB system development

Smartphone application development

System Engineering Service

IT consulting

Mission: “Contribute to society through innovative technologies”

URL: http: //www.oneact.jp

Contact Details -

TEL: 03–6661–7903

FAX: 03–6661–7913

Mail: piece@oneact.jp

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