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Announcing Oven V2

Taking a Community Favorite Further

What’s baking in the new Oven V2?

  • The range of bakeable pies will now include DeFi+L, DeFi+S and all the other community favourites.
  • Ability to choose between a range of input assets, with specific Ovens for ETH, DAI, USDC and more.
  • Generalised design allowing anyone to build specific Ovens tackling new use-cases across the wider DeFi ecosystem.
  • Ability to use Ovens to share the costs of adding liquidity together, opening up liquidity provision to a wider audience
  • Ability to use Ovens to participate in arbitrage opportunities between Nav and Pie price.

Understanding Oven

Oven V2 Features & Future Use-Cases




The asset allocation DAO. Pie DAO makes diversified asset allocation and rebalancing a piece of cake 🍰 Universal access to anyone on the Ethereum network, with no minimum.

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