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PieDAO Community Blog Nov 4th: Sushi, Messari and Much More!

DOUGH Live on SushiSwap’s Menu of the Week

Attention all master-chefs. Combine your pie baking and sushi making skills by providing liquidity in SushiSwap’s incentivised DOUGH / ETH pair. You don’t want to miss this pool, it’s is currently earning a mind-blowing 5,861% APR!

To get involved you need to get hold of DOUGH / ETH SLP, available here.

Then it’s a simple matter of depositing into the DOUGH / ETH staking contract.

The pool will run for the next week only, so head over to the kitchen now!

Enjoy your delicious Sushi.

DOUGH / ETH Staking Migration

We moved our DOUGH/ ETH pool to a new staking contract, incentivising migration with an extra 15% this week!

The new contract features escrowed rewards, better aligning staking with long-term DOUGH community members.

Don’t forget to complete the form to claim your bonus.

Read the full Pie Improvement Proposal here.

New Incentives Design Proposed By Core Alexintosh

A radical new approach to the PieDAO tokenomics model would see users directly rewarded for being active DAO voters, and pie holders earn fees the longer they hold.

You can read the full proposal here, or my summary of the main take-aways.

We’d love to hear more feedback to improve the design, so why not head over to our discord and join the conversation?

We’ve already taken onboard opinions from some of DeFi’s top leaders including Aave’s Stani Kulechov and Synthetix’s Kain Warwick.

PieDAO Featured on The World’s Largest Youtube Channel

Pewdiepie showcased Wallem, a new app we’re featured in that blends the digital and real worlds with augmented reality. Stay crusty Pewdiepie!
Learn more.

L2 Liquidity Mining With Loopring

Don’t forget that you can still earn DOUGH through Loopring’s incentivised mining scheme, which will continue to run throughout the month.

Loopring’s L2 dex provides a traditional orderbook trading experience and limitless scalability, all without having to hand over your keys.

Full announcement and guide available here.

Zapper DeFi+L Staking Integration

There is now zero excuse to not own and stake DeFi+L, Ethereum’s best performing DeFi index over the past 30 days (expect a detailed analysis very soon).

With Zapper you can put your Ether to work at the tap of a button. It will automatically source DeFi+L tokens, supply them to the Balancer pool for Balancer Pool Tokens, and stake the tokens in our contract.

Easy as pie!

The staking contract uses a Geyser design that continues to increase your APR over time, reaching a maximum over eight weeks.

DeFi+L is our large cap DeFi index containing $COMP, $AAVE, $UNI, $LINK, $MKR, $SNX and $YFI.

It automatically rebalances and currently has no streaming fee.

DeFi projects have been on discount this week as the market has corrected, so there’s never been a better time to invest in the future of finance.

Read the full DeFi+L announcement.

PieDAO Profiled on Messari


There was a fantastic research piece from Messari this week.

You can check out the piece in all it’s detail here.

Thanks @donkhalil18 and Messari team!

PieDAO on the Radar

PieDAO caught key institutional players’ attention on social media this week,

Indices are a core component of traditional finance, and for good reason - they out perform buy and hold strategies! As DeFi expands and gains even more attention from key players it will likely be a core area they will seek look for.

PieDAO is here for everyone’s index needs.

PieDAO tops the charts

It was another week of chart-topping for PieDAO, with DeFi’s crustiest DAO consistently top of the charts for locked value growth.

The growth was identified by multiple outlets, so let’s keep up the good baking!

PieDAO Developer Mick Rewrites the Diamond Standard

After five weeks at the DAO not a single day goes by when the Pie-fueled developers don’t blow my mind.

This week’s highlight was Mick’s implementation of the diamond standard, which will be used for our upcoming pie designs to allow meta-governance and active yield farming.

That’s right, in the future tokens locked in pies will be able to be used for voting across DeFi!

Mick’s implementation directly addresses the limitations identified in the recent Trail of Bits analysis.

Someone get this man some pie!


This is just a small sample of the latest community news, with things really heating up in the oven this week.

We’ve got several huge announcements to make in the near future, so keep an eye on the DeFi bakery!

Interested in learning more? Come and say hi in our community Discord channel.

The PieDAO is a decentralized organization dedicated to bringing market accessibility and economic empowerment to anyone with an internet connection through Pie Protocol. Anybody in the public community may support these efforts by completing bounties, making feature requests, or proposing new Pies. DOUGH token holders are the DAO’s decision-makers, governing which proposals are accepted. If you want to know more about PieDAO:

PieDAO on Aragon

PieDAO website


PieDAO Forum

Official Documentation




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