3 Essential Podcasts for Entrepreneurs Who Are Getting Started

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Podcasts are everywhere. As their popularity grows, they are starting to be treated as a cultural phenomenon in their own right.

Sociologist, data analyst and podcaster Josh Morgan calculated that, as of June 2015, there were about 206,000 unique podcasts listed on the iTunes US directory alone.

The podcasting phenomenon has been increasingly trending over the past four years. Part of this success can be attributed to the fact that podcasts are by nature one of the most portable and accessible types of content. They are extremely mobile-friendly, often free, and can easily be consumed while engaging in other activities, like a daily commute or a gym session.

We believe that such features make podcasts a truly valuable resource to satisfy some of the top needs of hustling entrepreneurs: getting practical advice, actionable tips, and brilliant solutions to the pressing challenges they constantly face.

We put together a list of podcast shows that will help you tackle some of these challenges — thinking creatively, understanding the core elements of marketing and staying on top of trends in the tech industry. Give them a try, as they might end up being an unexpected source of inspiration for your business!

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  1. The Marketing Cloudcast — Salesforce
    Marketing trends can be overwhelming, even for professionals in the field. Imagine having advice split in 30-minute highly digestible episodes, delivered by reliable experts. That’s what happens in this podcast: Joel Book and Heike Young from Salesforce interview leaders in the field, examining their most successful campaigns and discussing the latest strategies (like the ubiquitous email marketing).
    In case you need some extra material on the subject, the show is paired with a Medium publication that collects highlights and takeaways from each episode. Since we are talking about podcasts, co-hostess Heike Young put together a very helpful guide on podcasting, covering every aspect of it, from logistics to promotion.
  2. How to Do Everything — NPR
    The format of this podcast in quite simple: people present their questions, the hosts (radio producers Ian Chillag and Mike Danforth) provide answers with the help of experts. Considering that there are no restrictions in terms of topics, questions will definitely stimulate your curiosity and give you a chance to exercise your problem-solving skills. The show has the advantage of being a pleasant distraction as well as a surprisingly rich source of inspiration for original ideas.
    For example, in the final episode, you can find out how to watch the sunset forever.
  3. The Pawdcast — Chop Dawg studio
    This is an excellent example of how a small business can produce a successful podcast, combining appealing visuals and a friendly personality to create compelling audio content. The show follows an interview format and hosts young, creative, up-and-coming personalities in the world of entrepreneurship and startups. The 40 episodes released so far deal with topics such as sustainable housing, budgeting tips, student entrepreneurship, content creation, diversity in tech. If you cannot decide where to start from, we recommend this episode, which will help you unleash your inner communicator.

Bonus: 50 Things that made the modern economy — BBC World Service
These mini audio documentaries are the proof that great storytelling can indeed bring everyday objects and commodities to life. Each episode describes in less than ten minutes an invention that did change the world we live in, and that you are probably using on a regular basis. The podcast has been a huge hit since its launch in November 2016 — it’s about time to give it a try, if you still haven’t.

One of the 50 things that made the modern economy: the compiler. Image credit: BBC

Considering that podcasts are not part of mainstream media yet, it can be hard to discover interesting shows. Moreover, as some have noted, the medium’s accessibility has the (still unexplored) potential to give exposure to all the underrepresented voices in tech conversations.

Are you into podcasts? Do you run one? Can you recommend us original, entertaining and informative podcasts about business, entrepreneurship, technology, design and innovation?

We are preparing a list of our favourite podcasts on Design and looking forward to your contributions!

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