Introducing Vasco Invest

Website Redesign

Vasco Invest is an investment company specialised in assisting foreign clients who want to invest and relocate to Portugal.

Their website often serves as a first point of contact with international clients and is available in English, French and Chinese.

Marius and Hélène from Vasco Invest came to us with a brief for their site redesign. This is how we helped them.

Stage 1

The redesign process started with the creation of detailed UI mockups for all the pages of the website: Homepage, Contact Page and three different Content Pages with further explanations about the services that the company provides.

We built the mockups using content that was already available on the site. After receiving feedback from the clients, we did some minor changes to the layout and started the implementation.

Stage 2

Vasco Invest provides a wide range of investment and consulting services, based on their customers expectations and needs. Naturally, some of these services require longer explanations, and several sections or subsections to report all the necessary information. The challenge from a design point of view was to present different content in a coherent manner.

To illustrate, take the bullet list showing the main advantages of investing in Portugal. Given their importance, the two last bullet points needed one additional paragraph of text each.

We created UI elements with expandable content, designed to work both as a continuation of the list and as autonomous sections.

Stage 3

The previous version of the Vasco Invest site was built using WordPress CMS and Divi theme, so we continued working on these platforms. As the design of most of the UI elements was custom, not theme default, we had to write a fair amount of additional CSS and some JavaScript code to implement our mockups and make sure the layouts adapted well to all screen sizes.

To add our custom code, we used the Simple Custom CSS and JS Plugin for Wordpress.

During the implementation process we had a meeting with Marius and Hélène, where we discussed some details regarding the design and the implementation. The meeting allowed us to make sure that we were answering all their needs, while at the same time providing the best possible experience for their current and future clients.

Have a look at the new Vasco Invest website.

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