The Era of “Can’t Live Without” Technology

Around the time the members of our Pier 31 Technologies team arrived on planet Earth, Apple introduced the world to the Macintosh Classic. A defining moment that marked the start of the consumer technology era. In a few short decades, this has quickly evolved to the era of “can’t live without” technology.

Maurizio Zanetti — originally posted to Flickr as write me something, CC BY 2.0,

While this revolution was taking place, we were also busy; growing up, developing the necessary skills for problem solving and communicating with the wider world, and increasingly becoming aware of these new technology tools, which could help people solve problems faster and better. We learned how to use technology to our advantage, creatively and practically. Today, we are at the point where we use cloud tools (Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Spotify), social apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) and other software to communicate and manage our days effectively. Technology has become ubiquitous to all aspects of our lives; whenever or wherever a problem arises, we turn to technical solutions. Professionally and even personally, our days now depend on it. And there it is, that scary yet inevitable word we can’t seem to escape: dependence.

What would your day look like, if you didn’t have technology?

Ok, let’s not dive into this scary scenario. However, it does make us wonder if our grandchildren and their offsprings, with no memory and little knowledge of the Analog era, will experience that sense of dependence like we do. As true Digital Natives, to what extent will they be inventive creators rather than just tech-dependent consumers? In their tech-savvy minds, how much quicker would digital opportunities arise?

Regardless of how fast we are able to adapt, there is a divide between those who were born and raised in the digital era and those who have earned Citizenship through education and the sheer force of the times. This leads us to a challenge our team constantly faces: how do we simplify the engineering process behind everyday digital products to show people what they can achieve with technology? Without cluttering an entrepreneurial but perhaps not so tech-savvy mind with technical jargon?

And that basically brings us to the core of our publication, Radar; where we will be sharing our experiences, know-how, technical insights and experiments on technology. Who knows, they might just come in handy for your next idea.

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