The Berith Lochem’s Guide to Evil Creatures: the Vampire

The first of many. And arguably the greatest enemy.

Pierre Roustan
Jan 20 · 2 min read

It was said that the vampyre came to be in Greek mythology, but no one knows for certain. As humanity writhed in sin, with rebellious angels fornicating amongst the daughters of men and twisting creation of the nephilim, a whole host of harbingers were born to infect the world long before the time of the flood.

It was then that Nimrod began the Divine Covenant — the Berith Lochem, and one of the first beasts to bring death among many was, in fact, the vampire.

Most Notably, the Vampire in Historic Ireland Went by Another Name — the Dearg-due

As the Berith Lochem continued the quest of purging evil for generations, even clans claimed sanctuary in the island known as Ireland back in the day and came to know of a certain species of revenant, the Dearg-due, which is Irish for “red blood sucker.” A female demon, not unlike the infamous succubus of Christian mythology (or more than mythology….), Lilith, known to seduce men and drain them of all their blood.

The legend went that an Irish lass had fallen in love with a local peasant, unbeknownst to her father. Enraged, the father forced a marriage to a rich man, which then plagued her toward suicide.

She was then buried under a Waterford tree, a tree by the name of Strongbow, and from there, the rage and misery born of a life not meant to live rose from the grave as something else — a strigoi, the undead…. the Nosferatu.

The Dearg-due, though, may not be as classic as some remember, as this creature only rises from a grave once a year. And there is only one way to defeat such a beast…. Not by a stake, or holy water, or sunlight. Rather…. According to the historians of Ireland, one simply only had to build a pile of stones on top of a grave said to be tainted by such evil, and that kept the monster at bay.

Of Course, the Berith Lochem Faced Many Other Forms of Vampyre….

And one only must research here for the accolades of the latest hunter of the age.

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