Launching new non-alcoholic AW: FikAW

Friends gathering at FikAW Vol 1 in Malmö, Sweden

Just recently i launched a new after work called FikAW, with primary focus of being alcohol-free and meeting over fika. The first one was at a restaurant/café called In The Pink in Malmö, Sweden.

Why alcohol free?

Why not! The traditional After Work is often defined by alcohol. I feel there is a gap that needs to be filled where you can hang out at the end of a week, without the pressure or thought of having to drink.

The trend of meeting friends over sober conditions, and still not being teetotaller, also just recently started to become a trend in New York.

So, how did that work out?

It went amazing! It was so great to see all the people coming, hanging out with their friends, filled with energy from coffee-drinks, mocktails and food.

I missed the first one, when is the next?

Soon! Stay updated at to know when the next FikAW is coming.

I want to arrange one in my area!

Amazing. Get in touch with me!