Talk about Courage at CreativeMornings

Photo: Henning Groß

Recently i had a talk at CreativeMornings Malmö about courage.

Having a talk about courage was definitely a perfect match for me in that sense that it’s been something i’ve been struggling with personally — having presentations and talks to the public.

What do i mean by that? Well, having a presentation about a topic i’ve never talked about or put much thought on is a perfect way for me to battle my inner demons in this area. Simply a way to have the courage to challenge myself.

So, what defines courage?

What kept coming back to me in my research for my talk is that courage is often not something that you feel you have towards yourself, but rather something you feel in certain situations about others.

Has there ever been a situation where someone said “That’s so brave of you!” and you simply didn’t see what the fuss was all about? This is what i felt quite common regarding courage.

Can i watch the presentation?

Not yet, but soon. As soon as it’s available it will be embedded here.

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