Talk about Evil Design at Design Salon

A part of Service Design Network Skåne

Don’t press the evil button!

This week i hosted a Design Salon* at our Malmö-office at NetRelations. As a host, we got to pick what topic the meetup was supposed to be about, and BEHAVIOUR/DESIGN was the one that become the final one.

I invited my friend David de Léon to join in and have a talk around the topic, which he did about “Shaping behaviour by shaping the environment” and that i followed up with a talk around “Evil Design” and examples of Dark Design Patterns.

The latter can be read below at an earlier Medium post i wrote in Swedish.

Thank to those that came to the event…

…and thanks to SDN Skåne, David for coming and having a talk, and my employee NetRelations for sponsoring the event.

After talk discussions together with David and the audience

*Design Salon is a meetup event for designers, part of SDN (Service Design Network) Skåne.