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Rest(ing) is Taboo?

Rest(ing) is a big No-No in our society?

Image by jordan3600 from Pixabay

Rest(ing) is Taboo?

Or as I said in the subtitle, “Rest(ing) is a big No-No in our society?”

A connection of mine on LinkedIn (Lana) had posted the following;

This was me for today… After my illness and treatments, there is one biggest re-learning that happened- my relationship with REST. What I realized and share with others is that- Resting has its place in our calendars, schedules, agendas. It has an important place in our bodies, our minds, and our souls. It has an important place for rejuvenation, reimagination, and recreation. Let’s not be ashamed to add rest as a recipe for a self-full.

When I read this, I was thinking about my own situation.

Before my first heart operation (2005), I was working really hard and had no time to rest. After that, you had to slow down, but that only lasted for maybe half a year, and then your back again, at full speed.

After my last operation (2013), which included a 3 months stay in the hospital because of two times brain hemorrhage, an open-heart operation, and the implant of a pacemaker, I was forced to slow down.
Also because I did not have to work anymore, I had enough “spare time”.
But of course, your body also had to rest enough to recover from all that had happened.

Sometimes Lana and I said to each other, “There is a new me”
We both had to adjust to our “new” lifestyle. And REST was a big part of it.

Especially in 2018, when it was discovered that I had Heart Failure.
For me, REST is now a very big part of my life. If I don’t take it easy or keep on rushing, my body will let me know that I had overdone it. It then takes several hours before my body feels okay again.

So for me, it is okay to take time and REST. Even in the middle of the day.
But the whole world around us is looking at it and doesn’t understand what you are doing. The world around us is so much in a hurry or rush, there is no time to REST.

You also could look at it like this. For example, take a twig on a tree. You can bend it slowly a little bit further and further. In the beginning, everything is okay. But the further you bend it, the greater the change will be that it will break. This is the same as for our body but also our mind. In the beginning, we don’t need to take a rest. We just keep on going on. Pressing on. But there will come a time, that something will snap. Our bodies will start to fail us. Our mind goes crazy. We reach the point of “Burn-Out”. When that happens, it's already too late.

As the image above already says. everyone thinks, that if they stop moving and take a REST, the whole world will stop moving. But life goes on. If you are moving or not, things still will happen.

We are not all-important to the things around us.

I would like to thank Lana Jelenjev, for letting me share her post.



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