Pigbze @ Unbound London

Jul 31, 2019 · 4 min read

Last week on the 17 & 18 July, London played host to the UK’s Largest innovation and technology festival: Unbound LDN. And of course, Pigzbe was there!

Spread across an entire floor of the cavernous Old Truman Brewery in East London, more than 5,000+ founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and more besides came together to talk about what’s next in tech and innovation.

UNbound London 2019 was big!

Everywhere you looked VR headsets jostled for position with robots of all shapes and sizes as drones buzzed in the air! The future is coming fast and it looks like fun!

And what better to bring to a celebration of new technology than a brand new Pigzbe prototype! This little piggy was less than a day old!

That very morning the very latest in a long line of Pigzbe prototypes were delivered to us from our factory, as we continue to obsessively refine every detail before our global launch in September.

Special Delivery of flying pigz!

After checking out the new paint consistency, improved printing, stronger internal magnet (for the fridge) and a host of other tiny details, Filippo made a bunch of notes on what was good with the new prototype then hot-footed it across London. This little piggy went to Unbound!

Over at the event, our little corner was fully decked out in pink, as you would expect. In addition, the team even has brand new Pigzbe hoodies and t-shirts on for the day. These new designs feature the very latest iteration of our flying Pigzbe.

The Pigsty at Unbound 2019!

Our latest fashion offerings were nicely modelled Simon, our Head of Commercial Strategy and Partnerships —pictured below ! Understandably the queue to see Simon was second only to the excited crowd gathering round the latest working Pigzbe prototypes!

Simon says; Try Pigzbe

In the demo, you see exactly how a parent can quickly set a task or a chore in the app set a reward in Wollo and instantly fire it over to their child’s Pigzbe, which snorts and squeaks in piggy appreciation.

Task completed and the Wollo arrives in a cloud above the money tree in the vibrant and colourful kids app. As you fly Pigzbe up into the canopy the reward for your hard work rains down in the technicolour rainbow and pops out as a new branch on the tree.

The experience is quick and intuitive but most of all fun! Pigzbe it is designed to be a companion to an active childhood away from screens.

We had some great feedback from attendees of all ages. especially the kids! Kids just get Pigzbe and instantly connect with the device. The grown-ups liked it too.

As a father of a 5 year old, I love what Pigzbe are doing. I can 100% see myself using this with my son in so many use cases
Enis Mhemet — father of Aiden (5)

These were some of the biggest names in the tech world. but they are also mums and dads who share our concerns about engaging kids in positive financial education in a fun and safe way.

Front row seats

Beyond the main hall, Pigzbe was taking part in the Future of Finance pitch and presentation session.

Once again our CEO Filippo took to the stage to tell the world about Pigzbe and our plan to turn the next generation into financial superheroes. This was one of the biggest crowds we’ve presented to — grab your magnifying glass and you can just about make out Filippo on stage!

Spot Filippo!

Overall it was a wonderful event and it was great to see so much interest in Pigzbe and simply wonderful to be able to show off a version of Pigzbe that is so, so close to completion.

Thanks for having us Unbound! See you all next year!


Pigzbe, the tangible piggy-wallet for children age 6 and up…


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Pigzbe is a hands-on home for digital pocket money and allowances, that helps children 6+ learn how to earn, save and budget in a digital world 🐽



Pigzbe, the tangible piggy-wallet for children age 6 and up powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency. Visit us on Pigzbe.com

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