Reinventing the humble piggy-bank

The Pigzbe adventure begins, a piggy-wallet for children aged 6 and up, powered by a family-friendly cryptocurrency.

In summer 2013, Matteo Loglio and I founded Primo Toys with a simple goal in mind: To build a product company that introduced the foundations of coding to early-years children, all over the world. In four years, my team and I went from a laser-cut prototype, to running a multi-million dollar, award-winning global STEM technology brand, with offices in London, Tokyo and Seoul.

As we focused our attention on a specific age group — ages 3 to 6 — our mission crystallised and evolved. We no longer wanted to simply teach young minds coding, but to introduce them to a whole range of modern literacies — like data gathering and analysis, infra cultural communication, automation and machine learning. We’ve found this mission both exciting, challenging, and inspiring.

In summer 2017, a new opportunity presented itself during a chance meeting in San Francisco. A calling of sorts. The idea? Reinvent the humble piggy-bank for a modern world where physical money is on its way out, and a new token economy is on its way in. I put pen to paper to plan and build, and the Pigzbe project sprang to life: the world’s first piggy-wallet and family-friendly cryptocurrency, Wollo (WLO).

Momentum gathered as I pulled together a team of exceptional co-founders and investors to design and build our piggy-wallet. From seasoned engineers and designers like Jon Marshall, Matt Brown, Adam Amos, and John Galpin, to great investors and business partners like Thibault Launay, Romain Girbal, Yannick Naud, Jan Petzel, Natale Ferrara, and my friend and Primo Toys co-founder Matteo Loglio.

Powered by, Pigzbe is launching soon, with a mission to give the humble piggy-bank a much-needed 21st century make-over. It’s been an exciting few months, watching a magical product come to life in our studio, while anticipating the enormous impact a generation of empowered, financially literate children could have when given access to the right services and tools.

On behalf of our team and investors, we’re not only looking forward to creating a truly unique product and service that empowers families as natural, borderless micro-financing networks, but also to offering the crypto community the first ICO with a tangible reward, setting a standard for blockchain and cryptocurrency accessibility, education and IoT integration.

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