How to make sure people can find the PikaPage of your event

You have created a cool PikaPage will all the essential data of your tournament, league or event. People get live updates as soon as you publish new data. You can send push notification for emergencies. It is so cool. You want to make sure everyone can enjoy the benefits. Here’s some experience we hear from our customers:

  1. PikaPage is really just a mobile-friendly webpage with search function in the proprietary PikaTable. So you can share it like you would any other web pages. Do this in few days ahead of the event, and share it again right before and during the event.
  2. After you have created the page, click publish in the mobile app, then you can click the share button to share the link via whatsapp, email or as a Facebook post. Encourage people to share out on their own groups.
  3. QR code is useful. We print out the QR code on a piece of A4 paper at the venue so people can scan it. You can find free apps on website that generate QR codes for free.
  4. If you have a reception/registration desk at the event, it will be useful to tell your staff to remind guests that your are offering such a cool feature. People really like the ability to search the data they need.

Make your PikaPage Google-searchable

click here.