PikaPage Elevator Pitch

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“So, you’re working on a startup. What is it?”

“Oh, let me show you…”

(Showing an example PikaPage on my phone: Sports tournament for guys, or Wedding for ladies.)

“Hmm, it looks nice. But there is nothing special.”

“Can you make a page like this?”


“With PikaPage app, YOU can make a page like this in a few minutes. Share it with your friends. Edit the data anytime on your phone. That is what is special.”

“Ah! That’s neat!”

“And PikaPage can be used in many situations. Sports, weddings, business or social events, children activities…..” (Elevator door opens..)

More PikaPage examples

PikaPage is the easiest way to communicate activity details and business information on the phone. It is free and very easy to use. Edit page data anywhere, anytime. Share easily to chat groups or social media. Your friends always see the latest update, without having to download any app.

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