Building key partnerships in the NEO ecosystem

Original Publishing Date: Jan 2018

Dear Community,

Thank you for your amazing support. Today we want to answer some of your questions and give you a look behind the scenes of the NEO ecosystem.

How did PikcioChain become part of the NEO ecosystem?

If you have been closely watching NEO’s actions over the last months, you could observe the development of a carefully designed ecosystem. NEO has strategically partnered with companies to cover key use cases, industry verticals and geographies. Meanwhile NEO itself is successfully focusing on stability, scalability, transaction speed and functionality in order to provide a platform for a strong ecosystem.

In September 2017 our friend and advisor Joe Zhou introduced us to Da Hongfei, NEO’s CEO. This has lead to a US$3 million investment by the NEO Council in the PikcioChain token sale and PikcioChain becoming an integral part of the NEO ecosystem. PikcioChain is the first and so far only European company NEO invested in; we are positioned as the data protocol and data exchange of the NEO ecosystem and will publish details about PikcioChain’s strategic positioning in a separate post.

What was part of the strategic agreement between PikcioChain and NEO?

Both parties signed a strategic agreement that includes:

  • US$3 million investment by the NEO Council.
  • PikcioChain moves exclusively to the NEO platform, PKC is a NEP-5 utility token.
  • NEO technically supports the token sale, i.e. writing the PikcioChain token sale contract.
  • PikcioChain receives access to all of NEO’s marketing platforms, be it social media, speaking at meetups or presenting at NEO conferences.
  • Mutual support in business development, first concrete steps being roadshows.
  • Neo, Onchain and Ontology will do roadshows with PikcioChain in China to introduce their large partner and client network to PikcioChain’s unique product.
  • PikcioChain will do respective roadshows in Europe with Onchain and Ontology, including introductions to various potential partners and clients in the banking and insurance sector.

Building key partnerships in the NEO ecosystem: Onchain & Ontology

On a management level PikcioChain is in direct contact with:

  • Da Hongfei, founder of NEO and co-founder of Onchain.
  • Jun Li, co-founder of Onchain and founder of Ontology.
Jun Li and Da Hongfei

We are currently building close partnerships with both Onchain and Ontology to establish a mutually beneficial exchange of technology and services.

Onchain is the corporation behind NEO. Onchain’s product “DNA” (Distributed Networks Architecture) is based on digital asset applications and capable of flexible expansion into multiple business support scenarios. Expressed differently:

“Onchain = Microsoft of blockchain. DNA = Windows 1.0” .

Onchain and PikcioChain are interested in closely cooperating on various aspects such as network security and end user services.

As a mission statement, Ontology is looking to build a cross-chain, peer-to-peer, trustless ecosystem. Essentially, the goal is to create interoperability between different chains. A central interoperability use case is data interoperability, specifically sending personal data from one chain to another chain while the data remains fully functional. We are in close contact with Jun Li, founder of Ontology, about the transfer of personal data cross chains, a topic of mutually high interest.

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