China’s Largest Cryptocurrency NEO shows its support of PikcioChain

Jun 14, 2018 · 2 min read

Original Publishing Date: Jan 23 2018

NEO Smart Economy founder and CEO Da Hongfei

We are pleased to announce that NEO Council has purchased 660,000 of the PKC tokens made available during the PikcioChain Token Pre-Sale, amounting to an estimated worth of US$3 million.

This significant investment demonstrates the confidence that one of the blockchain world’s major players has in PikcioChain technology and the utility of its PKC token.

PikcioChain & NEO in partnership

This investment also supports the beginning of a larger partnership. NEO will now offer PikcioChain’s service technology on its own blockchain and will provide technological, sales and marketing support for a new, Chinese subsidiary of Pikcio AG.

This is an extremely exciting time for everyone at PikcioChain. We’ve been enjoying a very successful token sale period in which we saw several major institutions interested in PikcioChain and the PKC token. NEO Council’s token purchase is a perfect example of the success we’ve been having.

At a time when regulators require increasing amounts of information regarding investors and clients, and simultaneously, individuals are demanding greater control of their personal data, PikcioChain offers a highly secure, distributed and potentially revenue-generating solution for KYC and other processes that enables companies to meet both of these expectations.

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Warm regards,

The PikcioChain Team


PikcioChain: The secure blockchain-based exchange for personal data.

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