Global fintech experts join Blockchain Data Exchange PikcioChain

Original Publishing Date: Nov 30 2017

Joe Zhou and Lidia Bolla PhD

PikcioChain, the secure blockchain-based exchange for valuable data assets that has raised US$6 million from strategic supporters, has further strengthened its board of advisors by appointing two talented and experienced fintech experts.

As a highly decentralised network for the exchange of personal data, PikcioChain has commercial applications such as KYC and identity verification across a range of sectors and is being piloted in some of the world’s leading financial services and technology consulting organisations.

The new team members will help guide PikcioChain to the conclusion of a successful token sale and then onwards to the growth of a world-leading business.

Introducing …

Lidia Bolla PhD

Financial services expert and fintech entrepreneur. Lidia Bolla is co-founder of Swiss-based crypto asset manager Vision& as well as co-counder of machine learning startup Jamie & I.

At PikcioChain, Lidia will focus primarily on advising the development team, offering guidance on the future direction of PikcioChain technology. Having worked in asset management roles for many years, Lidia’s understanding of the financial services sector and her insights as an entrepreneur will be extremely valuable at this crucial time.

Joe Zhou

CEO & co-founder at FirstBlood, an innovative E-sports platform that was one of the first Ethereum-based projects to raise funding through a token sale. Joe is also founder and CEO of Alt-Options LLC, the first Bitcoin options trading platform based in the US.

As a hugely successful crypto entrepreneur, Joe’s experience will be invaluable in helping Pikciochain navigate a successful token sale. His advice will also play a key role in guiding the deployment of funding to ensure maximum effect in the post-token sale period.

“PikcioChain is an excellent example of a team successfully using Blockchain technology to address truly difficult challenges, in this case the control, verification and monetization of personal data,” said Lidia Bolla.

“It’s a privilege to join the Pikcio team as we launch Pikcio Coins. I’m looking forward to putting my experience in the financial services sector to work to ensure PikcioChain becomes the world’s leading personal data exchange.”

Building a strong team of advisors is an important element of every successful business and the appointment of Lidia and Joe brings more enormously talented people to the Pikcio team.

“The appointment of these hugely talented and knowledgeable people is incredibly important for the whole team at PikcioChain as well as our supporters,” said Didier Collins de Casaubon, co-founder and CEO of PikcioChain.

“Pikcio has been in development for over three years and has already proven itself as a well-designed decentralized exchange for personal data assets. However, as we move into and ultimately beyond the token sale phase, we want to know that we have the best possible executive and advisory teams.

“Lidia and Joe’s appointments really do take our advisory team to the next level, and will give buyers of PKC tokens the confidence of knowing that PikcioChain is being developed and directed by the very best possible industry experts.”

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