Hubble Hackathon Challenge Guidelines

Dear Community,

We’re happy to share the Hubble Challenge guidelines for our upcoming hackathon. A reminder that registration will open up between the 11th August— 10th October and the hackathon itself will take place from the 11th— 30th October.

The goal of the hackathon is to help build our developer community and to encourage development on the Pikciochain platform. There will be prizes in PKC offered and all developers are welcome.

The prize pool will consist of 90,000 PKC to be distributed among the best contributions. Each contributor to the competition must vote for another developers entry and the developers with the most votes win the prizes. There will also be one special prize for the most innovate/fun idea chosen by Jorick (Pikcios CTO).

The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize: 32,000 PKC

2nd Prize: 18,000 PKC

3rd Prize: 13,000 PKC

4th Prize: 9,000 PKC

Special Jorick Prize: 18,000 PKC

Not only that but our most innovative and interesting contributors will be invited to a special access channel in our Discord where we hope to build a core community of developers we can rely on and work with in the future.

To register you will need to fill out a form and join our Hubble Community Discord. You can join our discord using the following link:

As part of the challenge there are four main themes you can choose to work on. The themes are as follows:

Proof of Usage:

Based on the open-source proof of usage project available on GitHub (, you can propose improvements to the PikcioChain consensus algorithm, such as how to handle the case when a node goes offline or recommending an adjustment to the different parameters (e.g percentage of redistributed TX fees).


For this theme, get ready to use your UI/UX skills to represent the concept of personal data or digital identities by creating visuals and interfaces for the projects made by Hubble.


You can now contribute to the community by developing the SDK in the language of your choice based on the one that will be provided to you in Python and thus interact with the PikcioChain via the TestNet nodes.


If you are more about creating new applications or usage, this theme is for you since it offers you the opportunity to design a concept of DApps for the PikcioChain in the form of documentation describing all the features and specifications.

Developers who participate in the competition will be granted exclusive access to TestNet for the challenge so if you want to the chance to play around with our blockchain before anyone else now’s your chance!

We’re excited to get started with the Hubble Hackathon and can’t wait to see what our developer community comes up with.

For more information about the Hubble Hackathon Challenge and the Hubble Developer Community read this previous article here:

To find out more about Pikciochain:

Visit our website,

And join our community.

Warm regards,

The PikcioChain Team