Introducing “The Wallet”

Original Publishing Date: Mar 2018

Dear Community,

Whoever has participated in token sales in the past knows that token sales, in general, are far from perfect! Here are a few imperfections:

  • We have to send KYC documents to every single token sale we want to participate in.
  • We have to trust dozens of companies with our data and hope they will store it securely.
  • Everything happens in a very technical surrounding like MyEtherWallet and blockchain explorers. We need multiple wallets for Ethereum, NEO and Bitcoin token sales. An experience that cannot be described as “intuitive” or “easy”.
  • When you decide to participate in a token sale we need to patiently sit in front of the monitor, sometimes in the middle of the night, wait until the token sale address is published — and then hurry to send the funds at the right second!

PikcioChain is going to change this. “The Wallet” is the solution to all of the above.

Imagine one central wallet. Imagine you only need to go through the KYC process only once. The Wallet is now linked to you. You can now participate in Ethereum, NEO and Bitcoin token sales via “The Wallet”.

You get alerts on your mobile phone for new and interesting token sales. You can browse token sales and key information on your phone. You can simply click “participate” and “The Wallet” will send the funds for you at the exact time for you.

That’s not all, you have a chat and file sharing feature to discuss token sales with your friends and share documents.You have a social network feature to share interesting articles and token sales with all of your followers.

The Wallet, powered by PikcioChain
Profile: ​Here the user can decide which data he/she wants to add to the profile and which data should be shared with contacts by clicking the green button next to the data
”The Wallet”: ​A user can receive and send tokens from here. He/she can send tokens to contacts in the address book. No need to remember the friend’s address, just chose the name of your friend!
Sub-wallets: Create/link NEO, Ethereum and Bitcoin wallets to “The Wallet”. Then manage all sub-wallets from “The Wallet” directly!
Friends and followers: ​”The Wallet” has various social features, such as a friends lists. Here users are able to look at their friends’ profiles and activities.
Chat and file sharing: ​Chat with friends. Part of the chat functionality is a file sharing feature that allows sharing of files from a computer or which are already stored in “The Wallet”.
Social network and news: ​This is the social network and news page. It displays content shared by friends and can also show useful information about upcoming interesting token sales. All content such as videos or texts can be played directly in “The Wallet”!

These screenshots aren’t mockups, it’s the current state of development of “The Wallet”! With this intuitive usability we are going to revolutionize token sale experience. Overall the goal with “The Wallet” is to allow users to easily discover interesting token sales, learn about them and participate in an easy way.

We will make participating in token sales as easy as buying products online. Select an interesting token sale, click “participate” and proceed to checkout. As simple as that!

The Wallet: key features and functionality

With the support of Onchain, PikcioChain is currently finalizing key features of “The Wallet”.

  • Create a profile and upload KYC documents once
  • Easily participate in future token sales directly from The Wallet
  • Easily create NEO and Ethereum wallets to fund The Wallet, or simply link existing NEO and Ethereum wallets to The Wallet
  • Easily make transactions to your friends via your address book
  • Send bank wire transfers to The Wallet directly
  • Link credit cards to the Wallet
  • View a list of upcoming token sales
  • Automatic “one-click participation” in token sales
  • Get alerts for upcoming token sales on your mobile phone
  • Social network and news section highlighting interesting crypto news and topics from friends
  • Recommend and share interesting token sales with friends
  • Encrypted chat and file sharing with friends from within The Wallet

PKC holder benefits

The PKC token plays a key role in “The Wallet”! It adds functionality and benefits PKC holders. For example:

  • Receive alerts about the hottest new token sales
  • Receive a guaranteed allocation for a hot token sale
  • Receive higher bonus for a hot token sale

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Warm regards,

The PikcioChain Team