Pikcio announces its Masternode plan

Before the release of our Pikcio Browser and the unveiling of our P2P network we believe the time is right to share our masternode plan with you.

Tokenized Masternode ownership

Each Masternode will be represented by a unique Token (NFT) on the Pikciochain. This way you can transfer the masternode to a different wallet, or even sell it to another user directly from our marketplace. Therefore the masternode status will have its own price on the market set by users that wants to join/leave at a fixed price.

By tokenizing our Masternode, we enable :

  • Agility and an easy way to transfer Masternodes ownership .
  • The possibility to change wallet address to masternode ‘s owner .

Incentive plan

In order to encourage the Masternodes owner, Pikcio will allocate a dedicated pool for a support plan of 4 years with a decreasing rate. Even though we expect to get enough transactions on the network to make the Masternodes viable in the long run, we want to secure the network as much as possible in the early days.

Period of incentivisation of one year steps will start when the first masternodes will be deployed.

Deployment in 2 steps

1. Before Proof of Usage integration and token swap :

  • Pikcio will host all the masternodes for the 1st cycle, you will be able to stack and monitor your masternode activity from the PikcioBrowser.
  • Rewards will be distributed every quarter in the eligible wallets.
  • Lock up of 6 months on a smart contract until PoU/Token swap

2. After Proof of Usage integration and Token Swap

  • Fully automatized reward system
  • Tokenized masternode ownership generation (NFT) (*)
  • Eligible wallets will directly receive their NFT Masternode ownership token at their Pikcio address(*)
  • Access to the Marketplace in order to Buy/Sell ownership status (NFT)

Note : If the masternode’s owner holding falls below the minimum requirement(150 000 PKC), the node will be destroyed automatically by the smart contract and a new spot will be available within the marketplace.


  • No hardware requirement at the moment
  • 21 Masternodes to be launch during 2019 (*)
  • Tokens requirement: 150 000 PKC fixed amount
  • Maturity 30 days

(*)Depending the interest and the network needs, we could deploy more masternodes during 2020.

Governance & Decentralization process

  • We will encourage masternode’s owners to run their private server in order to decentralize the network as much as possible and we will provide our support if needed once PoU and Token swap are done.
  • Over time Masternodes owners might be included in the decision process regarding the Pikciochain Network.


You can register to our Masternode program until 20th June 2019 filling this form here

Expected date launch

Step 1 : Early July 2019

Step 2 : End of year 2019

If you have any questions regarding Pikcio or our masternode plan, feel free to join us on Telegram.

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Warm regards,

The PikcioChain Team!